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DevOps – with security, stability and automation at the forefront

For us, DevOps isn’t an after thought – it’s front and center throughout the course of any project – enforcing security while driving towards a stable and highly automated deployment model

A Custom DevOps process including:

  • Environment topology planning – understanding the environments, permissions and deployment practices for your application.
  • Setup, configuration and automation – helping your team (or tackling it on our own) in setting up the environments, pipelines and automating as much as possible.
  • Security and DR – where needed, helping set up Disaster Recovery plans, performing security audits and streamlining the end-to-end development lifecycle.   
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Expertise in Azure and AWS

Though we are not a managed services provider or hosting company, we help hundreds of companies manage their web applications in both Azure and AWS.

Because we are committed to being and staying SOC2 compliant, having production sites hosted within our own infrastructure isn’t a reality. Rather, we help our clients within their own Azure and AWS tenants – a best practice that we push to respect the security needs of some of the largest, most risk-adverse companies in the world. We think you deserve that too.

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What's Next?

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