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What you're building matters. So does who's building it.

We are a true technology agency. That means that when you partner with us, your web development is done by a team of full-time, U.S.-based, senior level developers.

Collectively we've completed thousands of complex .NET development projects, and we're ready to bring that experience to your next project.

How we approach web development

Once we've completed Discovery and potentially even Design to define exactly what needs to be built and how we'll build it, it's time to start making all your dreams a reality.

Just kidding about that last part, but this is when it starts to get really fun, right?

In the Development phase of a project, our team draws on our long history of .NET development and custom CMS implementations to create the solution you need, without reinventing the wheel.

Our approach focuses on repeatable foundations so that your budget is spent on the things that are unique about your needs, and not basic table stakes.

You can expect regular demos and trainings throughout the course of Development, and a team that is laser-focused on delivering a strong MVP and not superfluous gold plating or bloated code.

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Working with your CMS, not in spite of it

At BlueModus, we believe strongly in investing in the platforms we support.

We don't try to push clients onto new technology just because it's cool. We find solutions that deliver real business value at the right price point and then we create long-term partnerships with those platforms.

Our commitment to ongoing training and learning for our team on the CMS platforms we support means that you're partnering with developers committed to getting as much value out of the CMS you're purchasing as possible.

Too often over the years we've seen poor CMS implementations that completely handcuff marketing teams and go against the way the platform was designed to be used. And that's not ok.

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Infrastructure and DevOps

Without a stable and reliable infrastructure, the most innovative web projects mean nothing. We start every engagement with a deep understanding of your hosting environments, your associated DevOps practices and your needs or requirements related to security, compliance and performance.

  • Hosting and Infrastructure Consulting
  • Security and compliance monitoring
  • Launch support and governance
  • Automated source control, QA and redundant solutions
  • Performance optimization through CDNs, caching and custom configurations
Teamwork strategy

What's Next?

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