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We don't just talk about quality, we ensure it.

If your business relies on technology, you know there's no room to compromise when it comes to quality.

At BlueModus, we take Quality Assurance seriously, and the results speak for themselves.

Our approach to QA

To us, Quality Assurance is not just a phase at the end of a project. At BlueModus, we bake quality into every step of our development process.

We focus on two main goals when it comes to Quality Assurance:

  • Ensuring the design and functionality of every project we work on meets the highest industry standards for usability and performance.
  • Fulfilling every client’s unique requirements pertaining to branding, business logic, and presentation of content.

When you partner with BlueModus, you are trusting us as an extension of your brand. And we take that trust seriously.

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Proactive, not reative

Every client at BlueModus gets paired with one of our Senior QA Engineers who works alongside Solution Leads, developers, and Strategic Directors to ensure that stability and best practices are never compromised.

Quality Assurance is a vital part of the software development lifecycle for new builds and code changes, but we also believe that QA extends beyond that.

As part of working with BlueModus, our team will actively monitor your site's performance against modern benchmarks in performance, SEO, and accessibility. Ensuring the quality of your end user experience is something our team takes pride in.

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Quality is in our DNA

“Our team not only catches issues early, we’re also able to review sites for improvements, including ways to create a more positive experience for the user. These enhancements can then be suggested to the client, providing further value to our customers.” - Steve Pavilanis, Senior QA Engineer

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What's Next?

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