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Before we start building, we need a blueprint.

We pride ourselves on creating solutions to our clients' real business problems. The first step is a thorough and collaborative Discovery phase. The BlueModus Discovery process is designed to ensure that every project we work on begins with a foundational understanding of the problems we need to solve and a plan to solve them.

Where do we start?

Before we build a new site, we need to understand your current digital landscape.

Some questions we'll ask in our initial Discovery meetings with you:

  • What is the biggest problem you need to solve with the new website?
  • What does your current site do well? Where is it falling short?
  • What problems are your team having when it comes to creating or updating content on your website?
  • What are the key dates and schedule drivers this project has to hit?
  • What third party tools do you need your website to integrate with to get the job done?
Teamwork strategy

Where are we headed?

Building a website that will impress your customers and make your team's lives easier requires a detailed strategy and approach that combines your deep knowledge of your industry with our long history of working on projects like yours.

Here are a few of the things we'll dig into as we develop this understanding of your needs:

  • Comprehensive content auditing and strategy (link to Content Model section to learn more)
  • Technical deep dives--CMS selection, hosting recommendations, POCs, data flows and more
  • Approach to SEO, performance, and accessibility
  • Analytics and user behavior tracking
Card sorting

How do we get there?

At the completion of our Discovery process, you'll have a comprehensive set of project artifacts defining exactly what you can expect from your website redesign and how it will be accomplished.

At the end of this phase, here are some of the most critical items we'll deliver:

  • Detailed Content Model
  • Full technical approach document
  • Wireframes of key components and pages
  • Level of effort and project plan
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What's Next?

Learn about the other steps in our Website Redesign process: