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MarTech Strategy & Integrations

Starting with your goals and existing technology stack, our MarTech team evaluates your existing platforms, helps you develop a marketing technology roadmap and uncovers real insight into your business.

Our Approach

"There is a slew of technologies powering your digital marketing - and depending on how it's configured it could really enhance it or it could just be more noise. Even worse, frequently it can mean lots of overspending on similar or entirely duplicated functionality," says Becki Dilworth, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at BlueModus. "We try to start at the beginning, understanding the goals, how you'll measure it and what your team looks like to manage it. That quickly reveals the right technology for your company - vs. shoehorning tools that might not work for your industry, team or business goals."

Understanding the What, Why and How for Your Digital Marketing Stack

BlueModus is NOT a marketing agency. We are technology experts and integrators who provide expert consulting, systems, and processes that empower marketers like you to optimize return on your marketing investment. We will help you and your agencies to leverage technology to open new opportunities.

  • Integrated Experience Management Systems 
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Automation tools and platforms
  • CRMs and ERP integrations
  • Technology selection and validation
Geo-located Personalization

Winner of a Kentico Site of the Year Award, BlueModus created a  website for InnovAge to drive qualified leads and personalize content.

Global Brand Building

BlueModus developed a fully scalable and completely customizable Kentico solution for Bayer to consolidate its many web properties. 

Efficient EMS Marketing

BlueModus created a newly branded and integrated platform for the Institute that consolidated its e-marketing and automation efforts.

More of our work and case studies

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