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Move from their old, custom-built CMS to a modern tool that allowed their team to easily and efficiently publish several pieces of content on a daily basis. Additionally, enable more streamlined email marketing capabilities for daily newsletters to thousands of subscribers. Lastly, because they are a publishing site, revenue generation and the stats behind it are key - so incorporating easy banner ad management, sponsorship functionality and rich data collection was critical.


Kentico Xperience allowed BlueModus to create a very robust content model giving authors the ability to create new articles, events, products and other pieces of content to be dynamically displayed across the site and within their daily emails. Xperience's category management tool was leveraged significantly here - enabling dynamic content to be displayed throughout the site - further helping ease the authoring burden and simplifying the daily publishing process. 

The application sends dozens of emails a week to hundreds of thousands of subscribers – Xperience’s built-in email marketing feature helps the team to easily create these newsletters, track performance, and gain more holistic views of their user base.