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Generator Source

Generator Source


Accurate product inventory is critical to Generator Source’s business, especially when item quantities are depleted. Generator Source needed to ensure their inventory was accurate not only in their backend systems, but also when displayed on its public-facing website.


BlueModus worked with the team at Generator Source to link its inventory management system to their content management system, Kentico Xperience to appropriately update based on sales and inventory data. Previously, when the content moved within the public-facing website, a new URL was assigned. This made it difficult to manage links on the site and inventory of products. By maintaining the canonical URL, but updating the content and then applying a “sold out” banner, the website site was updated without impacting user experience. Best of all, visitors could now browse the full inventory of products whether available for purchase or not.

"The BlueModus team is very professional, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. This technology team helps grow our small business to new levels of success!" Kyle Smith, Marketing Director at Generator Source