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ADA isn’t an option or an add-on – it’s an imperative part of any web application

Accessibility is more than a scan or a checklist. It’s a commitment to understanding and enabling your users, members and customers to find and engage with your content.

A systematic approach to ADA

  1. Starting with discovery, understanding your users, the tools you have and your goals around compliance. 
  2. Throughout design, thinking through contrast, tabability and structure. 
  3. With development, using best practices around labels, alt text, headers, keyboard focus, and more.
  4. Thorough quality assurance leveraging tools like SiteImprove, the ARC Toolkit, screen readers and more.  

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Accessibility Audits

Understanding the changing world of ADA is part of our daily life – and something we help our clients navigate. Understanding your current site’s opportunities and risks around ADA is a part of our auditing process. We take the same systematic approach we do when we’re building a site and evaluate your current site to help you prioritize and tackle your site’s accessibility.  

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