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Infrastructure & DevOps

The most powerful digital marketing stack falls to pieces without a thoughtful and reliable infrastructure behind it. Our DevOps experts evaluate your needs and help you build a culture around automated builds, testing and releases.

Our Approach

"Frequently we come across customers who knew clearly what they wanted built, but didn't always address the underlying infrastructure to support those needs. It's not just about hosting your website - it's about secure and - where applicable - automated deployment processes. It's about real QA - not just clicking a few links, but using technology to confirm functionality," says Dave Conder, CTO and founder at BlueModus. "This practice isn't a separate team - it's central to every engagement we do, because without it, it doesn't matter how strong our applications might be. If they are slow, unstable or worse, insecure, any cool functionality is for naught." 

IT Infrastructure Optimized and Automated

Without a stable and reliable infrastructure, the most innovative web projects mean nothing. We start every engagement with a deep understanding of your hosting environments, your associated DevOps practices and your needs or requirements related to security, compliance and performance. 

  • Hosting and Infrastructure Consulting through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Security and compliance monitoring
  • Launch support and governance
  • Automated source control, QA and redundant solutions
  • Performance optimization through CDNs, caching and custom configurations
Stable & Scalable Cloud Presence

Bacardi needed infrastructure to support 200 global brands and a platform to handle localization in more than 30 markets.  BlueModus delivered. 

A new Intranet in 8 Weeks

BlueModus completed Alight's new intranet in just 8 weeks, implementing  entirely new branding under extremely secure conditions.

Lead Referral Platform

BlueModus delivered a rebranded and modernized Kentico site for SmartMove, resulting in higher traffic and substantially increased lead revenue.

More of our work and case studies

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