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Content Ecosystem Planning

It's no longer a CMS. It's an entire ecosystem. It's your website, your apps, your email programs, your kiosks, your intranet, and so much more. Our content architects evaluate your entire customer journey and associated content landscape along with the underlying technology stack to develop a sustainable model that's future-worthy.

Our Approach

"For years marketers have talked about how critical content is to their marketing - investing millions in content strategies and content development. But what's interesting is how very little they invest in the underlying content architecture. It means that they often have hundreds of pages, and thousands of blog posts - but none of it is driving real conversions," says Becki Dilworth, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at BlueModus. "That's really our focus. How to help customers go beyond churning content and create models that are maintainable, measurable and meaningful for their customers."

Building an Architecture That Supports Your Content Journey

At the heart of any online strategy is one thing: Content. From your customers first engagement with your website to transforming into advocates for your brand, delivering a relevant content journey has become increasingly central to companies digital strategies. We help map your content to your user groups, and create the underlying architecture to support discovery, engagement and conversion.

  • Content mapping and analysis 
  • Content taxonomy development
  • Content personalization strategies
  • Content architecture and optimization 
Integrated Web Portal

Gap needed BlueModus to create a career development portal offering resources, tools, and training for use at all their stores worldwide.

Multi-Agency Collaboration

BlueModus, using agile development methods, coordinated an on-time launch for Amgen's  Xgeva healthcare provider website relaunch.

Digital Brand Experience

In a smooth launch, BlueModus moved all of NJH's websites to the Kentico platform to create and maintain a best-in-class web presence.

More of our work and case studies

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