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Sean Fleming Renews Sitecore Developer Credentials

BlueModus is pleased to announce that Senior Web Developer Sean Fleming has recently renewed his Sitecore Developer credentials by passing the Sitecore Experience Solution 9 Developer Certification exam, which validates his deep technical knowledge of development on the .NET CMS platform.

“Re-certifying in Sitecore 9 brought me up to date with the latest technology and practices surrounding the Sitecore platform. It will help me to provide better support and recommendations to BlueModus’ partners,” says Sean.

In order to succeed at taking the Sitecore Experience Solution Developer Certification Exam 9, Sean needed to ensure he was proficient in all the competencies of the Sitecore Platform, including its tools and items, Sitecore MVC, search and indexing, debugging, and unit testing. Because the exam is made up of scenario-based questions that require a developer’s thought processes rather than simply reciting learned responses from memory, a deep practical experience of the platform was necessary to pass the test.

“BlueModus encourages colleagues to study for certifications like this one as a way to round out their knowledge of a particular platform. Day-to-day you may not encounter all the features a system offers and the process of passing the test helps with this gap,” says Director of Development Nick Busnell. “Having credentials gives our clients reassurance about the technical skills of their project team. Congratulations to Sean on this achievement!”

The BlueModus team, as a Certified Implementation Partner with Sitecore, has nearly twenty years of .NET web development experience, with a proven track record of delivering high-profile enterprise implementations. Click here to learn more about BlueModus' Sitecore Partner practice at BlueModus.

To find out more about Sean’s technical expertise, please visit his BlueModus profile.