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Who We Are

We say we are technologists. Engineers. Architects. But at our heart, we are the hand-raisers, the helpers. We approach our employees and customers without ego and prioritize things like transparency and efficiency in every relationship.

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Alan Abair

Senior Web Developer

Dallas, TX

Alan is responsible for implementing and maintaining websites and CMS tools for our customers, including custom .NET and SQL development. He has over 15 years experience in development, six of those specifically focused on CMS implementations. 

"It's great to be part of such a talented and dedicated team. The camaraderie and teamwork at BlueModus is second to none."

Steven Applegate

Associate Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Steven leads a team of developers, building new enterprise level websites on management systems like Kentico, Sitefinity, and Sitecore. He has over a decade of development experience as a software engineer, focusing on .NET technologies, building company products from the ground-up, and providing technical implementations and integrations for clients and customers.

"I'm impressed with the amount of talent and expertise at BlueModus. It's exciting to have the opportunity to work in this kind of culture with a real drive to deliver to clients."

Mark Baryol

Project Management Lead

Tampa, FL

Mark is a PMP certified Project Manager with over a decade of experience managing software development and IT infrastructure implementations. He is well-versed in quickly understanding client needs and business goals in a variety of industries, having worked with a wide range of clients from small businesses to large multi-national companies. Mark manages multiple client project implementations at BlueModus. 

"Working with teams of talented people and helping those teams achieve great things is something that drives me. The talent level at BlueModus is tremendous, and I'm able to learn a great deal while we deliver amazing solutions to our clients."

Jason Beattie

Digital Marketing Manager

Denver, CO

Jason manages all of the day-to-day marketing operations at BlueModus, including creating company assets, writing blog content, and keeping the company website, social media channels and marketing materials up to date. With more than 15 years in the digital agency space, Jason has launched numerous successful email marketing programs from the ground up - driving leads and nurturing customers. 

"Everyone here is intelligent, hard-working and dedicated to their role. It's an environment where people like coming to work each day because they know their work is valued." 

Stacey Beechum

Senior Strategist

Denver, CO

Stacey helps develop strategic roadmaps aligning website business strategy, digital marketing, and analytics to ensure clients’ needs are being proactively met and accurately measured. Some of her focus areas include Data and Analysis, SEO, and Digital Marketing, including email, personalization, and customization. She has over 15 years of digital marketing and product experience ranging from digital marketer to Scrum product owner, data analyst to product strategist.

"What initially drew me to BlueModus, and continues to be the most enjoyable part today, is the team. Each person here is intelligent, witty, and dedicated to ensuring that everything we put into the market is high quality."

Steven Bell

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Steven is a member of BlueModus' technical team - providing support and new feature development to BlueModus' clients. Steven has been developing software as a programmer and team leader for more than 25 years. 

"I get to contribute to lots of websites, and enjoy the variety at BlueModus. I'm also exposed to many different technologies, which means I am constantly learning new things."

Josh Bezdek

Senior UX/UI Developer

Breckenridge, CO

Josh is responsible for building front-end designs for BlueModus customers. With 18 years of design and development experience, Josh is driven by a desire to create usable, accessible and beautiful digital experiences.

"The best parts of working for BlueModus are the quality of work, the caliber of clientele, and the camaraderie of the team." 

Julie Biesiada

Accounting & Contracts Manager

Denver, CO

As the Office Mom at BlueModus, Julie helps keep our office running effectively and efficiently – some of the many items Julie focuses on are monthly billing, accounting and finance tasks, and contract administration, just to name a few. Julie’s problem-solving skills mean she never leaves a colleague or customer without a solution.

"It is the people we have here that make BlueModus so special. "

Eric Boyer

Director of UX/UI Development

Seattle, WA

As the Director of UX/UI Development for BlueModus, Eric leverages his extensive experience in building for content management systems to create standards, methodologies, and efficiencies which directly impact the return on investment for his clients.  His experience spans over 20 years in the industry as a graphic designer, front-end developer, usability expert, and consultant. 

"The individual passion and skill that each team member brings to the table is incredible, but even more outstanding is the consistent willingness to grow, share, and contribute. When someone on this team pushes to succeed, they are not only furthering themselves, they are lighting a path for the others."

Dave Bromeland

Solution Lead

Minneapolis, MN

Dave began his professional career as an art director before pursuing the pull of a more technical career. He has worked as a software engineer for companies both large and small, and has developed business-critical features and led various implementations. Dave is passionate about finding solutions to business problems.

"As a former BlueModus customer, I saw firsthand the company's commitment to putting their clients' interests first, without ego. I have always been impressed by the technical expertise and quality of solutions delivered at BlueModus and I wanted to work for a company that respected its employees as much as its clients."

Aaron Brosey

Solution Lead

Cincinnati, OH

With over 15 years of experience in leading technology teams in agencies both small and large, Aaron has successfully led digital projects of all sizes involving everything from small startups to enterprise level transformations. He has consistently delivered results within time and budget constraints, and developed teams to produce innovative outcomes. Aaron takes pride in providing technical insight and strategy to projects and has a passion for delivering exceptional results.

"The BlueModus team's energy and passion for their work was apparent from the moment I first spoke with them. That type of culture drives outstanding results, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of."

Nick Bushnell

Director of Development

Denver, CO

Nick manages several of our technical squads, providing guidance and support to help the teams deliver their best for clients every day. Nick has spent more than 20 years in software development, including a decade of Kentico experience. He has delivered countless complex enterprise platform builds for customers across a wide-range of industries. 

"I love working with the smart, professional people at BlueModus. I also enjoy the work we do using the technologies we implement to deliver top tier solutions for our clients."

Brant Cline

Vice President of Strategic Solutions

Denver, CO

Brant leads the team providing custom solutions to prospective customers. He works to define a customer’s needs, develop an approach for a project and lay the foundation for successful long-term partnerships. He began his career as a developer and over the past 13 years helped with project management, account management, software training and client onboarding. He views advocacy for the client as his primary role and works to architect solutions that will bring business impact. 

Brant also writes strategic articles for the BlueModus website.

"I love working with a group that is equal parts creative and strategic, with a focus on solving problems and creating success for our clients. The variety of approaches and solutions that we put out every day is something to be proud of, and keeps each day unique and interesting."

Andrew Coats

Senior Solution Engineer

Denver, CO

Andrew delivers some of our most complex solutions for our customers. With more than 20 years experience as a developer with ASP.NET, C# and a passion for managing continuous integration and developer productivity infrastructure, Andrew is constantly able to apply the latest Microsoft-based technologies to solve the problem at hand. 

"Being able to work the full-stack, applying best practices such as implementing continuous integration, and using tools like PowerShell, Cake, TeamCity and Azure make working here constantly challenging and interesting." 

Dave Conder

Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Denver, CO

Dave is responsible for the overall technical vision and strategy at BlueModus - both on behalf of our clients and our internal systems and tools. His eagerness to learn about new technologies and tools and how we can leverage them to make a positive difference means Dave still gets his hands dirty and code and systems - helping us continuously grow and improve. 

"My absolute favorite part of BlueModus is the people, both our internal colleagues and all the great people we work with. We value good relationships, and know that they take effort and investment to cultivate and maintain. The end result is amazing, and I love interacting with everyone that I have the privilege of working with."

Stacy Crichton

Senior Project Manager

Crested Butte, CO

Stacy has over 12 years’ experience working in project management and strategic account management within different areas of the travel, ski, and hospitality industries. Most recently she served as a Product Owner with a focus on building internal tooling applications to automate the onboarding process for new email marketing clients.

"I love working in a collaborative environment with a group of smart people who work hard to create lasting relationships and provide clients with quality service and products."

Matt Cunningham

Senior Web Developer

Kansas City, MO

Matt has been developing software professionally for over 10 years, and doing it for fun for at least twice that long. In that time, he has written control systems for fueling stations, payment processing software for baseball bats, telephony-based medical transcription software, GameCube controller drivers, vehicle inventory software, digitized board games, and lots more.

"The most important factors to enjoying work for me have always been having pleasant people to work with and lots of interesting things to do. Additionally, I just like making neat stuff. BlueModus offers the opportunity for all of these things in one place."

Ashley Dennis

Senior QA Engineer

Denver, CO

At BlueModus, Ashley works on client projects ensuring quality remains a focus throughout the entire design and development process. She has over seven years of working within the QA Engineering role, most recently growing with a start-up, where she built processes from scratch, then iteratively improved upon them as the company evolved into a larger organization. Her experience spans across business lines with a broad knowledge of end-to-end project completion, as well as holding a high standard for quality in the end product.

"The culture of BlueModus is what drew me in instantly. When you have a bond within a company and employees work as a team towards a shared goal, it extends out to the clients, creating a positive, productive, and supportive environment for everyone involved."

Jen Dillahunty

Director of Strategic Solutions

Austin, TX

With more than 15 years’ experience in account service,  with work spanning branding, digital advertising and media, social, email, mobile, and website work in the retail, technology, B2B, and energy sectors, Jen has always built strong partnerships with clients and teams focused on building digital experiences that provide value for customers and drive business growth. At BlueModus, Jen works to understand our partners’ businesses at a deep level, identifying the short- and long-term strategies for their future success, as well as managing the overall health of each relationship.

"I get to work with a fun, talented group unified by a culture focused on strong relationships and a passion for delivering on a solutions approach to technology. BlueModus’ deep bench of web development experience and services offers clients the opportunity to work with a true leader in the space – and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team.”

Becki Dilworth

Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Denver, CO

Becki oversees the strategic solutions team at BlueModus - helping craft short- and long-term digital roadmaps for our customers. With more than 15 years on the front lines of digital strategy, her varied background in content strategy, user experience, product management and journalism remains the foundation for efficient and user-focused projects for our customers. 

"When I joined BlueModus they asked me, 'Do you want a job or do you want a home?' That culture of transparency and compassion is what sets this place apart."

Chad Dugas

UX/UI Development Lead

Denver, CO

Chad is responsible for building and maintaining the front end of websites for our most challenging client projects, along with assisting and mentoring other team members; he has spent the last four years doing front-end development and using advanced libraries like Angular, React, and Vue.

"Everyone here is extremely kind and helpful. We all want each other to succeed and that is abundantly clear on a day-to-day basis. Plus we have dogs. I love working with the dogs." 

Matt Emge

QA Lead

Denver, CO

Matt helps lead our Quality Assurance practice, verifying our work through test scripts, regression testing and end-to-end exploratory reviews. Matt has worked in the IT field since 1996 and started in QA in 2005 - with expertise in a variety of fields including large multi-national enterprises and award-winning startups. 

"I love the way this team, from the top down, is generous with their support, appreciation and trust. I know that whatever situation I encounter, I will have the help I need to face it and feel good about the job we've done together."

John Fager

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

As a Solution Lead, John leads a team of developers to help craft a strong technical architecture and strategy for our customers' projects. With more than 20 years of experience with e-commerce, including intelligent and personalized content delivery, analytics, and predictive modeling, John has architected and implemented robust software solutions for content management and delivery for hundreds of B2B and B2C organizations.

“The opportunity to work in a team environment where I can focus on architecting, planning, and building great software for major projects as part of a solid team drew me to BlueModus.”

Sean Fleming

Web Development Lead

Denver, CO

Sean, as a Web Development Lead at BlueModus,  leads a team of developers in building new enterprise level websites, developing server-side logic, defining and maintaining databases and ultimately ensuring a seamless integration with front-end designs. He has been working with .NET CMS technologies for more than five years, with particular expertise in the Sitecore Experience Management System.

"BlueModus is always focusing on expanding and improving their practices and technologies. It's great to be on that journey alongside intelligent, like-minded individuals."

Justin Fouts

Web Development Lead

Tampa, FL

Having worked in the software industry for more than seven years, Justin has grown to love developing software using C#. His depth of experience in software development has allowed him to delve into providing creative solutions for customers, as he leads a BlueModus team in building large enterprise implementations on .NET CMS platforms including Kentico, Sitecore, and Sitefinity.

"BlueModus is a fast paced environment where I can solve problems for numerous clients. They are bringing technology closer to marketing, which is an area that I believe is necessary for a company's continued growth in the technical world we live in."

Will Fuller

Systems Administrator

Denver, CO

Will handles desktop and network support for BlueModus, as well as production support and maintenance of clients’ cloud environments. With five years of experience in the IT space, including several years as a systems administrator, Will is part of the fully-integrated BlueModus DevOps team that provides automation, deployments, and monitoring services on an ongoing basis.

"I love the work culture and atmosphere at BlueModus and am honored to be a part of a group that challenges, motivates, and supports me grow my tech talent. I am also able to  utilize my skills and knowledge to the utmost core here at BlueModus."

Mitch Gerber

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Mitch helps design, build and deploy public and internal facing websites for BlueModus' clients. He has developed software for a host of industries over the past two decades -using the ASP.NET platform with custom C#. 

"I enjoy my colleagues and the great work environment fostered at the company. It's invigorating to spend your workdays in an office where you feel valued and are surrounded by smart, caring people."

Josh Gray

Senior Web Developer

Boston, MA

Josh works as part of a team of developers, helping to build and deploy both public and internal facing websites for BlueModus clients, using content management systems like Kentico, Sitefinity, and Sitecore. Throughout his career, Josh has worked on a wide range of frameworks and technologies to deliver custom solutions for clients.

"Everyone at BlueModus is intelligent and knowledgeable. That combined with the great company culture convinced me that this was the place I wanted to work."

Marina Hand

Senior Project Manager

Vail, CO

 At BlueModus, Marina manages client projects, including new builds, redesigns, ongoing optimization, upgrades, and websites and web app enhancements. Marina's background includes managing implementations for hospitality and ski clients being onboarded to new CRM and digital marketing toolsets. She has worked with a variety of team sizes in the fast-paced environment of digital projects. 

"The reputation of the BlueModus team is one of kindness, transparency, and openness of employees to help each other. I'm excited to work with the diverse backgrounds and expertise that have come together at this company."

Kristin Harper


Denver, CO

Kristin has 20 years of professional services accounting experience, including everything from fulfilling day-to-day accounting responsibilities to completing larger projects such as ERP software conversion & implementation and mergers & acquisitions. She enjoys creating business solutions and being able to work with every department and person in a company. At BlueModus, Kristin leads our Finance and Human Resources teams.

"I could immediately see that the BlueModus team is a group of motivated and positive individuals that genuinely care about quality client service and a strong organizational culture."

Josh Heaton

Solution Lead

Charlestown, WV

Josh works to ensure success for his clients - from reviewing their implementation and helping remediate issues to finding features they may not be using effectively, listening to their pain points and advising them on approaches that help make their lives easier. Josh has over 10 years experience with web development across many platforms and architectures. 

"BlueModus is made up of a lot of smart, helpful people who are easy to communicate with - that's the essence of any great company and BlueModus does it well."

Brandon Hess

Director of Strategic Solutions

Sioux Falls, SD

Over the past 15 years, Brandon has built a digital strategy career from within both the marketing and agency industries, where his focus has always been providing data-driven, actionable recommendations that focus on merging strategy and technology. At BlueModus, he works closely with clients to help them develop both short- and long-term strategies for future growth and efficiencies, while also managing the overall health of each customer relationship.

"I am truly excited to work with a team that genuinely cares about its colleagues. I enjoy contributing and learning from this high-energy team of professionals.”

Jesse Hormachea

Vice President of Delivery

Denver, CO

Along with leading our project management team, Jesse is responsible for standardizing and maintaining best practices across the BlueModus delivery team and creating a culture focused on transparency, efficiency, quality, and client success. With more than 10 years of tech-focused experience as a software developer, project manager, DevOps, business analyst, and general manager, Jesse has led projects across many industries including automotive, transportation, non-profit, government, education, finance, and e-commerce.

"I enjoy working with the tech-savvy, humble professionals here that strive to deliver the best solutions to clients. The catered lunches and office dogs also help."

Sandro Jankovic

Solution Lead

Seattle, WA

Sandro leads a small team of web developers that  provide web development, website enhancements, and platform upgrades to our existing customer base. He has nearly 15 years experience in the web development field - starting as a Photoshop designer and progressing into .NET back-end development. 

"I'm in awe of the incredible dedication, preparation, and skill that BlueModus as a whole brings to the table. It's truly a pleasure to be on a team where everyone brings their A game every day."

Frank Jaramillo

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Frank provides digital solutions for customers by creating and maintaining websites and .NET CMS tools, including performing platform upgrades, making enhancements, and building new features. He has been developing technical solutions for nearly a decade for some of the most well-recognized brands in the world, including one of the largest social media companies.

"My favorite part of working for BlueModus is the team I work with. We have some of the brightest minds who all truly care about each other, and our clients. There are no 'egos' to deal with and the leadership team does a fantastic job of making us feel valued."

Jennifer Jelsma

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

By coupling her passions for project management and emerging digital technologies, Jen has built her career as a project manager in fast-paced agency environments that specialize in MarTech and digital services. Having worked with a large range of clients varying in size and industry, Jen specializes in ensuring marketing strategy and user experience remain on track while also balancing the time, budget, talent, and resources available for each project.

"We spend such a substantial portion of our lives at work that it was important for me to join a company that not only prides itself on executing great work, but also has a corporate culture that supports employees and fosters a community of team members. Because BlueModus has found that balance, I am able to provide sustainable success for our clients."

Brittany Kettelhut

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

Brittany has over a dozen years of experience leading and overseeing design and development teams to ensure seamless engagements for her clients. She serves as the primary day-to-day client and team contact while collaborating with her team to determine the best approaches and methodologies to suit the unique needs and business requirements for each customer.

"Once I met the people at BlueModus, I was sold on wanting to be a part of the team! The challenge of solving problems for our clients here is very appealing."

Grant Knowlton

Director of Strategic Solutions

Denver, CO

Grant has 15 years of experience spanning across marketing, enterprise technology implementations, and solutions consulting. He has spent many years in the not-for-profit and certification industries where he and team members delivered premier solutions to meet both the immediate and future strategic needs of organizations.

"It is a spectacular thing when talent, passion, drive, and teamwork come together. That is what I've seen from BlueModus, and I'm excited to be a part of making amazing things happen."

Tyler Kreigler

Senior QA Engineer

Denver, CO

Tyler performs manual testing and builds automated tests to ensure our teams deliver high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Prior to joining BlueModus, Tyler  spent the last several years as both QA Engineer and Scrum Master at a product company specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

"I'm excited to be working at BlueModus and to be a part of a stellar team that is thriving."

Kate Kunert

Senior Director of Strategic Solutions

Denver, CO

Kate plays an integral role in developing and refining  the strategic roadmaps for multiple BlueModus clients, working with all teams across the company to ensure clients’ needs are being proactively met, while also maintaining mutual roadmap alignment. Having managed projects in the digital agency space since the late 1990s, Kate's expertise in the digital space is unparalleled. 

"I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere with super smart colleagues. Also a big draw is the dog-friendly environment and fun culture we work in."

Mike Lamoureux

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

Mike brings over 10 years of experience as a web project manager across various platforms. His background includes digital agency experience focused on e-commerce, CMS projects, and digital marketing. At BlueModus, Mike works with several customers in planning, managing, and executing their projects from original concept through final implementation. 

"BlueModus is a place where the entire team is valued, and where everyone values the expertise of their teammates. The close-knit community here makes projects move efficiently and effectively for our clients."

Jason Lindsay

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Jason has worked in Software Development for over 20 years, and has been in the .NET stack for the last ten. He's worked for companies such as Staples and Chipotle, as well as a number of other smaller organizations. He enjoys learning new technologies and leveraging that knowledge in cool and innovative ways.

"I really like the positive culture and sense of team at BlueModus, as well as the idea of constantly improving on process and workflow."

Meghann Lord-Fenn

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

With 15+ years of experience in account service, spanning branding, redesign, custom site development, building and designing native iOS and Android apps as well as work in the social good space, Meghann has spent her recent years as an Account Manager working on large-scale B2B projects focused on user experience design and custom content management implementations. At BlueModus, Meghann is responsible for all aspects of planning, management, and execution of assigned projects from original concept through final implementation.

"I have always felt that transparency is a key to success. As soon as I learned that that was one of BlueModus’ principles, I knew that this was going to be the place for me!"

Marc Maassen

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Denver, CO

At BlueModus, it's all about building long lasting and meaningful relationships with our colleagues, partners and clients - and that's what Marc does. He has more than 35 years of management experience in business development, sales and marketing, corporate development, and operations in both public and private companies. He has extensive experience with early-stage technology services, software, information technology security and communications companies.

"The culture of collaboration and critical thinking stands out at BlueModus - where like-minded people share a passion for building relationships and solving complex problems through creative technology solutions."

Terence McGhee

Solution Lead

Champaign, IL

Terence has 30 years of programming experience and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! He has crafted many software solutions across multiple domains during this time, from small web apps for university departments to full-scale, cloud-hosted, distributed systems for Fortune 500 companies.

"I’m excited to share my talents with a remarkable team of engineers and creatives that use their combined powers to passionately solve complex problems for our amazing clients. I’m thrilled that we have such a heavy focus on high quality work, which allows our clients to fully trust in our ability to help them make the world a better place."

Josh Morales

Senior Web Developer

McAllen, TX

Josh loves all things Microsoft and Windows, and develops solutions for web, desktop and mobile using the .NET Framework, Azure, UWP, and everything else in the Microsoft Stack. His other passion is music, and in his spare time Josh spins and produces electronic music under the name DJ SelArom.

"As a developer, I believe the components most crucial to success are a healthy work environment and a great team, and when a company has those things, like BlueModus does, it shows. I'm excited to be a part of it, and enjoy being a contributing member of the company's success."

Carlos Orozco

Director of Strategic Solutions

Austin, TX

Carlos identifies short- and long-term opportunities for our customers’ future success, collaborating with all teams across the company to ensure customer needs are proactively being  met and maintaining mutual digital roadmap alignment. Over the past 15 years, he has managed global product and service offerings in various industries including entertainment, security, technology, and advertising and worked on projects for Sonic Drive-In, PayPal, Disney, Nestlé and Nokia. 

"I’m always looking for an engaging environment to contribute and learn while being challenged. BlueModus certainly fits the bill having developed a rare company culture that drives client success while fostering a community of team members based on transparency and holistic growth."

Steve Pavilanis

Senior QA Engineer

Indianapolis, IN

Steve is responsible for performing hands-on testing to ensure we deliver high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Steve has more than 15 years working in software QA for companies including JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, the German Stock Exchange and Xcel Energy. 

"I get to work with supportive, smart people on cutting-edge tech in a fun and dynamic setting. The countless perks and resident office dogs are just the icing on the cake!"

Matías Penela

Solution Lead

Miami, FL

Matías helps our clients turn business requirements into final products - planning and executing technical roadmaps for projects. He brings over 15 years experience in leading development teams - working closely with a multidisciplinary team of developers, project managers, and account managers to execute the complex and exciting process. 

"I'm excited to work with a very smart team that is always looking to refine processes, improve our workflow, and strive for excellence. These efforts show in our work and provide great results for our clients."

Meredith Perkins-Lehman

Director of Strategic Solutions

Raleigh, NC

For almost 15 years, Meredith has worked with technology in some form - from being a product and program manager to project management for large content management system implementations. As a Director of Strategic Solutions, Meredith works closely with customers to develop both short- and long-term strategies for success. She gets to know each business at a deep level, so she can identify opportunities for future growth and efficiencies, as well as manage the overall health of the relationship.

"Our team is amazing. People are always willing to talk through ideas, pitch in to help and share a laugh. This is by far one of the best environments I've ever worked in."

David Rector

Web Development Lead

Lexington, KY

With over 9 years in .NET and web development, David is always eager to take on new projects, applying proven principles of software development to build scalable, efficient applications. He keeps up with the latest technology in order to find ways to innovate and provide value - benefitting both fellow team members and clients. At BlueModus, David leads a team of developers in providing website development, enhancements, and platform upgrades for our customers.

"The first thing I noticed about this company was that every employee has their picture and bio on the company website. It's this kind of transparency that makes BlueModus stand out to me - they clearly care about the people that work here. After becoming part of the team, I  understand even more why BlueModus makes a point of celebrating their highly intelligent employees."

Todd Reed

Associate Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Todd leads  a small team of web developers, providing custom solutions for our BlueModus clients. He is a certified Kentico and Microsoft .NET expert and has built technical solutions for more than 15 years - taking more than 40 websites from inception to completion.

"I like BlueModus because of the team environment that is fostered from within. I enjoy working with smart people who are wiling and able to help. My skills are pushed to new levels while creating awesome web experiences for our clients."

Ryan Sappenfield

Solution Lead

Vail, CO

Ryan brings over 15 years of accomplished, engineering experience working in the information technology and services industry. Throughout his career, Ryan has focused on enterprise software, agile methodologies, technical writing, software development, and business intelligence. In addition, he as delivered products and services for big data analytics, enterprise search, content management, point of sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM) projects.

"I respect the work ethic, transparency, and integrity of the entire team at BlueModus and am extremely impressed with the quality of work they  deliver to clients. This is an environment where I can work hard, grow my technical skills, and contribute to client success."

Josh Sherman

Director of Development

Denver, CO

Josh manages several of our technical squads, providing support and guidance to help the teams deliver some of our most complex solutions for our customers. Over the past 10 years Josh has worn many hats in the software/web development space, including developer, technical lead, scrum master and product manager, and developed all kinds of software and digital solutions from enterprise level web applications to internal tooling and support systems.

“I am so excited being part of a team that is passionate, works hard, and really cares about getting things right for our clients.”

Tiffany Silvera

Senior Project Manager

Wichita, KS

Tiffany has over 15 years of digital marketing and project management experience, delivering interactive solutions ranging from web applications and intranets to full-scale corporate and e-commerce content-managed websites. At BlueModus, Tiffany is responsible for managing the day-to-day flow of projects, while ensuring that our teams are always delivering quality work that provides high value to our clients. 

"The BlueModus team is made up of super smart, dedicated, fun-loving people. Being able to work with such a talented group to deliver solutions for clients that help them achieve their business goals and objectives is a win all around and my definition of a dream job."

Rick Skanron

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Rick has over eight years of experience developing full-stack solutions through various languages and technologies. He has worked with Agile teams and taken the lead on architecting and planning elegant solutions that account for short- and long-term goals of the client. His past development project experience includes SEC document filing and formatting, billing and payment resolution, hospital training management and delivery, and creating dashboards with GIS mapping for real-time fraud alerts.

"BlueModus has a smart, professional, and fun work culture that provides avenues for transparency and collaboration. People are enabled and encouraged to do their best in providing quality solutions for clients."

Shivani Sodani

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Shivani has over 18 years of experience as a full-stack developer providing solutions for companies big and small, from developing a solution for an e-commerce startup to scale its inventory management systems, to architecting and overseeing development of a high-volume microservices-based data processing and reporting system in the cloud for one of the world’s largest financial companies. Shivani was awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award very early in her career for her creativity and community work in evangelizing .NET when it was originally released by Microsoft. She is passionate about encouraging STEM at elementary and middle school and regularly coaches FLL lego robotics teams. 

"I like working with creative teams that tackle hard problems and create products that delight customers. From the moment I walked in the door for my interview, I knew that BlueModus was a place I wanted to be. The people truly make this place feel special, lots of positive energy and a creative environment." 

David Stevens

Solution Lead

Greenville, SC

David has spent most of the last decade working in open source software, providing solutions optimized for web and mobile app integrations. He's built software systems for biometric scanning, financial processing, and data migration that have been used by over a thousand organizations. Most recently he's been partnering with clients to guide and provide development strategy for their entire web presence.

"BlueModus brings together high-performing, low-ego teams who are passionate about creating and sustaining value through modern technology. I'm excited to work with clients and code in that type of challenging and compassionate environment."

Erin Stevens

Director of Strategic Solutions

Chicago, IL

With a background in user experience, as well as account and project management, Erin specializes in identifying and creating innovative solutions that balance user-centered design principles with business requirements, user needs, and technical realities. She builds strong partnerships by gaining an in-depth understanding of her clients' business goals and their user wants, to identify scalable solutions for continued growth.

"Helping clients reach their goals by providing them the best solution is what matters most to me. So, working in a culture and with a team where everyone is driven, passionate, and sincerely wants to work together to create the right solutions is nothing short of amazing."

Laura Stevens

Human Resources Generalist

Denver, CO

With an extensive background in Human Resources, Laura enjoys handling all aspects of HR, but especially helping colleagues with their questions. In her role at BlueModus, she serves as the main point of contact for all colleague-related needs, including health benefits, 401K, processing payroll, onboarding new hires, recruiting, and HR legal compliance.

"From the beginning, I could tell the entire BlueModus team has great camaraderie. Everyone here is so appreciative to work for's a wonderful office environment."

Gary Suarez

Associate Solution Lead

Tulsa, OK

With more than 20 years of experience as a full stack developer, specializing in delivering custom software implementations for a broad range of industries and markets, Gary has spent the last several years working as a Lead Designer and Software Architect, translating complex user and business requirements into web-based solutions. 

"The atmosphere at BlueModus drew me in immediately, as well as their obvious respect for both their clients and their employees, not to mention the variety and complexity of projects and tasks."

Katie Tabler

Project Management Lead

Denver, CO

Katie is responsible for managing the daily operations for several of our strategic services customers. She brings more than nine years experience in project management, working on both large and small scale interactive and multimedia projects - including website redesigns, responsive builds, e-commerce projects and CMS development. 

"I love the team here. I work with some of the smartest, most caring and talented colleagues in my career, who work incredibly hard to bring high value and success to our clients." 

Dylan Thomas

Senior Director of Strategic Solutions

Nashville, TN

Dylan helps our customers determine the mix of solutions and services that will meet their unique challenges and achieve their goals - through developing long-term business and web strategies with ROI at the center of every solution. Dylan provides not only background experience as a developer and producer, he's also been trained as a photographer and art director. For the last 13 years, he's helped clients and companies level-up their digital practices.

"We are really a 'work hard and go home' culture that values both professional autonomy and excellence while supporting the notion that family, friends, and hobbies are just as important."

Katie Treacy

Director of Strategic Solutions

Denver, CO

Equal parts creative and data-driven, Katie is a seasoned marketer and strategic leader with a proven track record of almost a decade leading strategic marketing and digital programs for top-tier brands, start-ups, and Fortune 500 organizations. As Director of Strategic Solutions, Katie plays an integral role in identifying opportunities as product owner for future growth and efficiencies for our clients, developing both short- and long-term strategies for their success as well as managing the overall health of each relationship.

“I admire and respect everyone at BlueModus for their ability to make an outsized impact on the digital world.”

Craig Turnbull

Strategic Solutions Specialist

Denver, CO

Craig has a background as a professional sales consultant specializing in Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies and regularly attends national training sessions to showcase new tech trends. At BlueModus, Craig is focused on uncovering new client opportunities for our team.

"I love BlueModus' innovative approach to employee wholeness and putting colleague happiness first. Happy employees in turn are more productive - so it’s a win-win."

Justen Turner

Office Manager

Denver, CO

Justen has worked in the hospitality industry since 2006, with a strong experience in finance, human resources, housekeeping, front desk and administration. At BlueModus, Justen is focused on assisting our Finance and Human Resources teams with day-to-day operational tasks.

"Since my initial interviews with BlueModus, I knew it was a place that I wanted to join. The staff and the space is great. All the benefits and perks are fantastic."

Robert Tyska

Solution Lead

Portland, OR

With a strong background in API integration, CRM implementation, and CMS and e-commerce customization, Robert has spent the better part of the last decade working across the full stack. As a Solution Lead, his primary focus is leading a team of technologists who are dedicated to delivering web development and strategic solutions to our customers.

"I’m super excited about Blue Modus’ recent growth, culture and dedication to finding the right clients and keeping them happy. I enjoy being a contributing member to an awesome team that I continue to learn from."

Erik Vedvik

Director of Infrastructure & Security

Denver, CO

With over 18 years experience working in technology,  Erik brings a consistent record of building enterprise-class security models for all aspects of public-facing applications. He enjoys designing, building, and maintaining resilient infrastructure solutions, and has a passion for building strong, capable, technical teams that thrive on delivering elegant technical solutions that exceed customer expectations.

"What attracted me to BlueModus was the opportunity to work with a talented group of bright individuals who work closely together towards a common goal. Everyone here believes in delivering exceptional solutions to our customers while maintaining a positive company culture of inclusion and respect."

Jordan Walters

Solution Lead

Orlando, FL

Jordan has over 10 years of professional experience with varying development work, ranging from large hospital systems to small shops with only 8 team members. As a full stack developer, his wide range of expertise ranges from database and front-end development, to product research, CMS systems, .NET, and MVC.

"BlueModus provides unparalleled quality to its clients and this level of quality also extends to its employees. I enjoy the opportunity to work with a company that provides an excellent place to work, learn, and grow."

James Wampler

Solution Lead

Seattle, WA

With more than 15 years of experience as a full-stack web developer and team lead, James has delivered solutions for everything from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. He focuses on delivering simple and maintainable solutions to complex problems using the latest .NET and Microsoft-based technologies available.

"The culture at BlueModus truly stands out.  As part of a passionate, experienced, and skilled development team, and using the latest technologies for some of the most recognizable brands out there, working here was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up."

Joshua Ward

Senior UX/UI Developer

Denver, CO

With 8 years of experience in front-end development and design, Joshua brings creative solutions to complex problems, specializing in HTML, Sass, jQuery, and JavaScript development to enhance user interaction and user experience. Joshua brings a passion for web technology to the team that elevates the already well-established and hard-working team at BlueModus.

"I'm incredibly excited to be a part of a dynamic team with a range of highly respected clients. The people at BlueModus are dedicated to building the highest quality products and to be a part of that is truly an opportunity I cherish."

Susan Webster

Director of Quality Assurance

Wickenburg, AZ

Susan has spent the past twenty years in the field of Information Technology, specifically in some realm of quality.  She started her career at IBM, after graduating college with a degree in Computer Science, as a Software Test Engineer. At BlueModus, Susan leads our Quality Assurance (QA) practice and our team of QA Engineers.

"What attracted me to BlueModus was the ability to work remotely full time doing a job I love and learning new things. I love that all of the colleagues I've met love the company. Plus the capability to build processes and promote quality excites me."

Josh Wesner

Senior QA Engineer

Denver, CO

Josh started as a video game tester over 13 years ago, and found he had a knack for breaking software. At BlueModus, Josh is responsible for performing hands-on testing to ensure we deliver high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

"I was excited to join a team that values creativity and innovation. I could immediately see that the people here are a great and collaborative group to work with."

Zac White

Solution Lead

Washington, DC

Zac is a full-stack development professional with over ten years of development experience in the .NET stack, focused primarily on scalable MVC / Web API technologies in large enterprise environments. He has architected solutions ranging from mobile applications to large-scale web apps that provide value to clients and serve the needs of thousands of daily users. As a dedicated lifelong learner, Zac has spent the last several years driving the adoption of DevOps practices and Scrum methodologies, while also actively promoting and pursuing professional growth.

"I genuinely get excited about developing new and innovative solutions and I feel that BlueModus is the perfect environment for me to leverage my experience in order to provide value to clients."

Dewey Whitmore

Senior Web Developer

Washington, DC

Dewey has over a decade of experience in the design and development of custom applications for clients, ranging from large enterprise software solutions to native mobile applications. At BlueModus, he helps to build and deploy public and internal facing websites.

"I was immediately drawn to the culture at BlueModus. I couldn't have imagined a better environment with so many fun, intelligent and passionate individuals, where I can grow professionally and help deliver inspiring solutions for our clients."

Tom Whittaker

President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Denver, CO

Tom is responsible for the daily operations of BlueModus, executing on long-term and short-term plans and directives for our marketing, sales, finance, human resource, and delivery teams. With over 20 years of marketing and interactive agency experience, Tom has personally managed large websites and webstores for Fortune 500 companies as well as managed large software implementation teams. His passion remains steady - building strong, caring teams.

"I have never been around a group of people who are so willing to help. Whether it's each other or our clients, every single colleague is willing to step up and provide guidance, support and understanding. I feel blessed to be surrounded by that rare blend of compassion and intelligence."

Mike Wills

Director of Development

Seattle, WA

With over 20 years' experience, Mike has developed solutions ranging from shrink-wrapped software to high-profile websites. A Kentico MVP since 2020, Mike manages several technical squads at BlueModus, providing guidance and support to help each team deliver complex and custom solutions for our customers. Whether consulting an enterprise or a startup, he consistently guides customers through tough technical challenges and leads teams to achieve their business goals.

As an expert on all things Kentico, Mike also regularly writes for the BlueModus website. Click here to read Mike's latest articles.

"I'm excited to be on this team. With a deep bench and great relationships, BlueModus has earned a top-notch reputation for both technical excellence and happy customers."

Mark Wilson

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Mark partners with many of our clients to improve their websites through adding new features and functions, as well as reducing the stress of website management by applying DevOps best practices. Mark has spent the last 10 years working in marketing-driven web development, and focuses on efficiencies to bring quality and ease of use to our customers. 

"The experience and intelligence of the team at BlueModus really stands out - I learn something new everyday."

Anne Wofford

Creative Director

Denver, CO

Anne oversees the design process for our clients - helping with concepting, wireframing and information architecture, creating the visual design and ultimately developing the interactive experience. Anne's background in UI spans more than 15 years - ranging from email marketing, prototyping, A/B testing, and directing the creative effort for one of the largest online loyalty and rewards programs. 

"This company is filled with motivated, skilled, and incredibly smart individuals. It's impressive to see the talent and the compassion that everyone brings to work every day."

Jen Wolke

Web Development Lead

Colorado Springs, CO

With nearly 20 years of software development experience, Jen has worked on projects from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. For the last decade, she has focused on web development using Microsoft technology for collegiate, Olympic and international sports organizations. As a Web Development Lead at BlueModus, Jen leads a team of developers in building new enterprise level websites on .NET CMS platforms like Kentico, Sitecore, and Sitefinity.

“The commitment to continuous professional growth and dedication to solving challenging problems for clients drew me to BlueModus. I enjoy working with and learning from highly-skilled colleagues that show a passion for what they do. Having dogs around the office is an added bonus!”

Kiel Wood

Solution Lead

Toledo, OH

Kiel heads up a team of web developers to  provide website  development, enhancements, and platform upgrades for our customers. He has over six years of experience building and managing software products through all stages of development and has helped grow various software products by strategically executing on high level business goals and leading teams of developers in achieving said goals.

"I've never felt as supported at any other company than I do with BlueModus. Caring and intelligent colleagues combined with excellent partners makes for a wonderful place to work and grow."

Stayce Zamora

Senior Project Manager

Vail, CO

Stayce is responsible for managing the day-to-day of projects, while ensuring that our teams are always delivering quality work that provides high value to our clients. She has over 20 years of experience as a project manager and strategic account manager in the telecommunications, recreation, travel & hospitality, financial services, healthcare, and not-for-profit verticals.

“I am truly excited to work with a company that genuinely cares about its employees. I enjoy contributing and learning from this high-energy team of professionals.”

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