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Who We Are

We say we are technologists. Engineers. Architects. But at our heart, we are the hand-raisers, the helpers. We approach our employees and customers without ego and prioritize things like transparency and efficiency in every relationship.

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Aaron Brosey

Solution Lead

Cincinnati, OH

With over 15 years of experience in leading technology teams in small and large agencies, Aaron has successfully led digital projects of all sizes involving everything from small startups to enterprise-level transformations. He has consistently delivered results within time and budget constraints and developed teams to produce innovative outcomes. Aaron joined our team in 2019, and from his first day, you could see how much pride he takes in providing technical insight and strategy to projects and his passion for delivering exceptional results. Outside of work, Aaron enjoys motorsports, sailing, hiking, traveling, photography and Sci-fi. A foodie at heart, Aaron loves all things food – eating, cooking, dining out.

"The BlueModus team's energy and passion for their work was apparent from my first day and has continued every day since. That type of culture drives outstanding results, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of." - Aaron

Aaron Kent

Strategic Director

Manchester, NH

Aaron has over seven years of extensive pre- and post-sales experience. He has helped craft solutions for engagements with technology partners and end clients in the content management space, focusing on Kentico Xperience and Kentico Kontent. In addition, his technical background has allowed him to work with technical and non-technical audiences to identify how these solutions can help them succeed and grow. At BlueModus, Aaron identifies short- and long-term opportunities for our customers’ future success, collaborating with all teams across the company to ensure customer needs are proactively being met and maintaining mutual digital roadmap alignment. Outside of work, Aaron loves spending time with his girlfriend, Chelsey, and dog, Eiger. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and being in the woods or around a bonfire. Aaron also plays Magic: The Gathering competitively and is involved in a Diesel truck group known as 603Diesels.

"BlueModus is one of the most professional, capable, operationally excellent partners Kentico works with. That, combined with the company culture, feels like the perfect environment for me to expand and grow my experience in helping clients meet and exceed their goals." - Aaron

AJ Hoffer

Solution Lead

Philadelphia, PA

AJ has been a full-stack developer for nearly 15 years, primarily focusing on Microsoft technologies. He has helped create solutions for clients in various industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and retail. When AJ is not working on his monitor tan, he’s usually outside. As a natural outdoorsman, he believes too much of human life is wasted in the shadow of a monitor, which is why he believes software should be intuitive, simple, and, most importantly, useful! Most weekends you will find AJ playing ultimate frisbee, running, drinking ciders, and hanging outside with his family.

"BlueModus understands that happy employees produce great results. Employees put their ego aside to help build each other up and bring out the best in one another." - AJ

Alan Abair

Senior Web Developer

Dallas, TX

Alan has over 15 years of experience in development and nearly 10 years specifically focused on CMS implementations. He joined the BlueModus team in 2018 and is responsible for implementing and maintaining websites and CMS tools for our customers, including custom .NET and SQL development. Outside of work, Alan is a very accomplished and incredible landscape and nightscape photographer. His other passions include working in his yard and hiking.

"It's great to be part of such a talented and dedicated team. The camaraderie and teamwork at BlueModus are second to none." - Alan

Alan Gerling

Senior Web Developer

Seattle, WA

A full-stack developer, Alan has decades of experience designing and building custom and Kentico Xperience-based CMS systems for fortune 500 companies using Microsoft technologies. He joined our team in 2021 and believes that the little things make a big difference, and details always matter on any project. Alan loves to be active, and when he is not working, you can usually find him playing racquetball, trail running, hiking up a mountain, or playing a round of golf.

If you are who you surround yourself with is true, then I gotta say; my future looks very bright at BlueModus.” - Alan

Alex Annen

Senior Web Developer

Tampa, FL

Alex is a full-stack .NET developer with over 5 years of well-rounded experience, including database design, custom ETL solutions, and front-end development. He joined the BlueModus team in 2021 and has a passion for learning and implementing new technologies into his projects. Outside of work, he loves to hike with his wife and dogs, read sci-fi books, watch horror movies, and is a video game enthusiast.

“Everyone from BlueModus was so nice during the interview process, and it was infectious! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. I knew right away BlueModus was where I wanted to continue my career.” - Alex

Alex Serran

Senior QA Engineer

Denver, CO

Alex has been a Quality Assurance professional for over five years, where he has been responsible for comprehensive testing of websites, content management systems, mobile applications, and eCommerce integrated systems. Alex loves learning new technologies and working with teams passionate about delivering quality products. Alex joined BlueModus in 2021 and works on client projects, ensuring quality remains focused throughout design and development. When he is not writing test cases, you will likely find Alex playing golf. He also enjoys snowboarding, concerts, and traveling.

“Everyone I work with at BlueModus is friendly, honest, and transparent. Best of all, the leadership listens and cares about their employees. I love being a part of this team.“ – Alex

Amanda "Q" Quraishi

Strategic Director

Austin, TX

Amanda, nicknamed Q, is a veteran of the digital revolution and a true digital generalist. She has helped countless individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and community-based organizations develop digital strategies to meet their marketing, advocacy, and storytelling goals for the past fifteen years. Q joined our team in 2021, and her primary focus is collaborating with clients to roadmap both short- and long-term strategies and, as a product owner, helps build the backlog for her team. Outside of work, she is a prolific blogger and hosts her own podcast. In addition, Q loves hiking around the central Texas region, attending all the great local music in Austin, and avoiding Costco on weekends.

"I came to BlueModus because I’m most engaged in my work by two things: healthy, productive teams and creative problem-solving. BlueModus checks both of these boxes - and so much more." - Q

Andrew Coats

Senior Solution Engineer

Denver, CO

Andrew delivers some of our most complex solutions for our clients. With more than 20 years of experience as a developer with ASP.NET, C# and a passion for managing continuous integration and developer productivity infrastructure, Andrew can constantly apply the latest Microsoft-based technologies to solve the problem at hand. He joined the BlueModus team full-time in 2017 after many years of sharing his brilliance with us as a contractor. When Andrew is not reading up on the latest technology, you will find him outside gravel bike riding, trail running, or taking on an ultra. Andrew loves to travel with recent trips to Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, and back home to the United Kingdom. However, his most recent passion is traveling, living, and working from his van. 

"Being able to work the full-stack, applying best practices such as implementing continuous integration, and using tools like PowerShell, Cake, TeamCity and Azure make working here constantly challenging and interesting." - Andrew

Andrew Wenczel

Solution Lead

Charlotte, NC

Andrew is a full-stack developer with 20+ years of broad expertise in web development, database design and optimization, Azure cloud, and Kentico Xperience CMS in large-scale enterprise projects. His career has included experience as an individual contributor, development lead, technical project manager, solution architect, and development manager. Andrew enjoys breaking down large, complex problems into simple, straightforward, innovative solutions for clients. You will find Andrew spending time with family, golfing, or cooking outside of work. He also has a passion for politics and current events.

“The people at BlueModus are supportive and want the best for coworkers. It is a team that helps each other with the ultimate goal of creating quality and efficient results for clients. Truly everyone wins.” - Andrew

Anne Wofford

Creative Director

Denver, CO

Love beautiful websites? So does Anne. And she helps create them for our clients. Since joining BlueModus in 2018, Anne has led the design process for projects from conception, wireframing, and information architecture to creating the visual design and ultimately developing the interactive experience. Anne's design and user experience background spans more than 15 years - ranging from email marketing, prototyping, A/B testing, and directing the creative effort for one of the most significant online loyalty and rewards programs. When she is not deciding between fonts or picking a color palette, Anne spends most of her time wrangling her children (much like this photo). She likes to burn their energy outdoors - skiing, hiking, and biking. She loves food and makes a pretty good sourdough.

"This company is filled with motivated, skilled, and incredibly smart individuals. It's impressive to see the talent and the compassion that everyone brings to work every day." - Anne

Austin Kimmel

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Austin’s career began with working on internal applications but shifted to ecommerce platforms. From there, he has worked across a variety of different applications with many different infrastructure stacks. Still, he has always found himself leaning towards back-end development and working through all the challenges of integrating with other systems. Austin joined BlueModus in 2021 and helps build and deploy public and internal facing websites for our clients. You can find Austin enjoying nature and hanging out with his best friend and wife, Allie, outside of work.  Austin enjoys running ultra trail marathons, racing Ironman competitions, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking.

“BlueModus drew me in with the emphasis on culture.  After reading BlueModus’ “Who We Are” webpage, I felt like I was reading a statement that I would want to describe me. I’ve always loved working with multiple businesses and teams and building relationships. At BlueModus, I will be able to continue with that passion!” - Austin

Becki Dilworth

VP & Chief Strategy Officer

Denver, CO

Becki joined our team in 2017 and oversees the strategic solutions team at BlueModus - helping craft short- and long-term digital roadmaps for our clients. With more than 20 years on the front lines of digital strategy, her varied background in content strategy, user experience, product management, and journalism remains the foundation for efficient and user-focused projects for our clients. Books, anywhere outdoors, and baby shark dance parties with her family are where you'll find her when she's not working.

"When I joined BlueModus they asked me, 'Do you want a job or do you want a home?' And that's exactly what it is for me - home. Equal parts transparency and compassion are what sets this place apart." - Becki

Ben Pletcher

Senior UX/UI Developer

Grand Rapids, MI

With nearly a decade of experience, Ben has always been drawn to the overlap between design and development. His skills are broad, from UX to design, front end to back end development. He enjoys each aspect and loves building sites and desktop apps from start to finish. Although he enjoys all phases of the development process, his primary passion has always been the front end, specifically UX/UI design. Ben joined the BlueModus team in 2021, and when he’s not enjoying time with his family, you can find him building new web projects or playing video games.

"I am honored to work with the best team I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. Everyone is so passionate and knowledgable in their fields that every day I look forward to the new things we get to create together." - Ben

Bill Olson

Web Development Lead

Seattle, WA

Bill has almost 3 decades of experience in software development and has created solutions for some of the largest companies in the world and joined BlueModus in 2021. As a Kentico Certified Developer, Bill has led teams to develop and support complex and custom content management solutions for large corporations and government agencies. When he is not working, you will find Bill spending time with his four children, grandson, and wonderful partner. He leads a local rock band and loves singing and playing guitar. Bill also creates PC games and participates in the Unity community.

"Every person on the team is passionate, open, and honest. It is refreshing to be a part of a well-experienced team with such respect for each other and an attitude of helpfulness." - Bill

Brad Rockwood

Vice President of Strategy

Indianapolis, IN

Brad has two decades of professional experience across multiple agencies. He loves working with prospects to define their needs, develop an approach, and lay the foundation for successful long-term partnerships. Brad sees support for the client as his fundamental obligation and works to architect solutions that will bring organizational impact. Brad re-joined the BlueModus team in 2021, and when he is not responding to RFPs or talking strategy with a prospective client, you will likely find him handling out with his wife Emily and their kids. He also coaches both his kid’s basketball teams. Brad loves staying active and working out, loves the beach, Disney, and pretty much anything Florida.

“I love everything about this place! The entire company’s ability to listen from an employee and client perspective is unmatched. I can’t help but smile when thinking of the BlueModus family.” - Brad

Brandon Henricks

Web Development Lead

Portsmouth, NH

Brandon is a passionate developer with more than ten years of experience designing, and developing web applications for clients. He has spent his recent years developing cloud solutions at an IoT-focused software company. Since joining BlueModus in 2021, he has been helping to build and deploy public and internal facing websites. Brandon enjoys lots of things that get him away from his computer outside of work, including hiking, traveling, fine dining, and photography.

"From the very first interview, I was enamored with the culture at BlueModus. From the focus on its colleagues, the camaraderie they share, and their desire to create exceptional work for their clients.” - Brandon 

Brandon Hess

MarTech Director

Denver, CO

Over the past 15 years, Brandon has built a digital strategy career within the marketing and agency industries. His focus has always been providing data-driven, actionable recommendations that focus on merging strategy and technology. Bradon joined BlueModus in 2018, and now he leads our MarTech practice. His primary focus is helping streamline our clients’ marketing processes using automation and technology. He is also a whiz at analyzing web data to help our clients make strategic decisions with their marketing. When he is not working, you will find Brandon partaking in what he calls all things geek, which includes tabletop roleplaying Games like Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi & fantasy literature, Star Wars, and comics. But he does get outside on occasion to bike and enjoy the outdoors with his wife and two sons. He also has a passion for finding new music, restaurants, creative writing, costumes, comedy, and making my kids laugh.

“I love working with people who I enjoy hanging out with outside of work. It is rare and something worth celebrating.” – Brandon

Brant Cline

Senior Strategic Director

Denver, CO

Brant joined the BlueModus team in 2015 and provides custom solutions to our clients by defining each client's needs, developing an approach for a project, and laying out the foundation for a successful long-term partnership. He began his career as a developer, and over the past 15 years, he has worked in project management, account management, software training, and client onboarding. He views advocacy for the client as his primary role and works to architect solutions that will bring business impact. The ultimate Dad, you will find Brant with his son, Ari, together in his free time playing mini-golf, bowling, hiking, fishing, and camping. He also has a passion for grilling, cooking, baking, brewing beer, and building things around the house.

Brant also writes articles about digital strategy, content management systems, and other things tech. 

"I love working with a group that is equal parts creative and strategic, with a focus on solving problems and creating success for our clients. The variety of approaches and solutions that we put out every day is something to be proud of, and keeps each day unique and interesting." - Brant

Brian Chick

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Brian has twenty years of software development experience building apps that vary from high traffic public-facing websites to data-intensive integration flows for both large and small companies alike. He joined our team in 2022. Working with people to find technical solutions to business problems is a big part of why he enjoys working in this industry. When Brian is not creating solutions, you will find him hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in the Colorado mountains with friends and family. Brian is a big sports fan and is always cheering on his native Wisconsin teams - Bucks, Packers, Badgers, Brewers (in that order), or his two sons in their athletic endeavors.

“The interview process made it clear to me that BlueModus was filled with passionate technology professionals that all worked together to not only exceed client expectations but to help each other grow as well.” - Brian

Brian Hecimovich

Strategic Director

Tampa, FL

After serving in the US Army, Brian transitioned into the private sector and quickly discovered a passion for understanding users’ motivations and behaviors. Over the past ten years, he has supported many clients in the B2B, B2C, financial services, healthcare, and recruitment industries.  He joined our team in 2021, and he works closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives and strives to make it as straightforward as possible for their users to accomplish goals.  His three kids keep him busy outside of work, but when the stars align, you can find him fulling his passion for learning, travel, and sports (often trying to combine all into one weekend).

“Together everyone achieves more – may seem like a cliché, but it rings true at BlueModus.  The lack of egos here leads to a unique environment where you can truly count on the team to do what’s best for the client.” - Brian

Brianne Wittenauer

Senior Project Manager

Fort Collins, CO

Brianne joined BlueModus in 2021 and brought with her over five years of project management experience in an agency setting, leading web and mobile projects from start to finish. She enjoys collaborating with clients and project teams to rally them together to cross the finish line on challenging projects. When she is not deep in a project plan, you will find her playing at the park with her twin boys, traveling with my husband, or finding new fun restaurants to try.

Everybody, (and I mean EVERYBODY), raved about how amazing the people of BlueModus are. Not only did that ring true in the nine people I spoke with while interviewing, but also was shown how helpful everyone is to one another to get the job done.”- Brianne

Brittany McCain

Solution Lead

Tampa , FL

Brittany is a full-stack .NET web developer with over 15 years of experience building custom software solutions for local government and private industries. She has a passion for seeing a project come to life from the ground up. In addition, Brittany has worked extensively with content management systems throughout her career. She joined our team in 2021 and loves to help architect the best possible user experience for content authors and the visitors of the website solution. In her free time, Brittany enjoys playing soccer. She has been playing since she was ten years old, played in college, and today she and her husband play in three co-ed leagues. Brittany also loves international travel, attending concerts and sporting events, shopping – especially for shoes. She is also Mom to four fantastic ferrets - Gizmo, Ezra, Link, and Zelda.

“I believe BlueModus embodies the quote that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. The entire BlueModus family is living proof of striving for greatness with enthusiasm and dedication, and that’s a fantastic network to be a part of.” - Brittany.

Bryanna Balkema

Accounting Specialist

Denver, CO

Bryanna has been working in accounting and finance for over 15 years, and in 2020 she received her QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification. With experience in everything from day-to-day data entry, billing, and invoicing to full-scale financial audits, she truly loves it all. Bryanna joined the BlueModus team in 2021, and her contributions were felt almost immediately. When she is not deep in QuickBooks,  she enjoys spending time with her family, hanging out with friends at the lake house or by the pool. Bryanna also has a passion for crafts, cooking, and sewing – especially during the colder months in Colorado.

"From my first interview, I was drawn to the culture of BlueModus and its fun-loving and dedicated employees." - Bryanna

Caleb George

Senior Web Developer

Huntsville, AL

From a small medical device manufacturer to a commercial printer company to NASA to a state agency, Caleb has had opportunities to work with several different frameworks and languages throughout his career. His passion is web development and creating valuable tools to help clients. He joined the BlueModus team since 2021. When he is not deep in code, you will find Caleb doing anything he can outside. He also enjoys traveling to Latin America, running, lifting weights, and reading, especially historical biographies and religious studies.

Someone mentioned in my interview that BlueModus Leadership had sent their dog a care package when it was sick. Who doesn’t want to work with people that don’t just care about you but care about your dog?”- Caleb

Carlos Orozco

Managing Director

Austin, TX

Over the past 15 years, Carlos has managed global product and service offerings in various industries, including entertainment, security, technology, and advertising, and worked on Sonic Drive-In, PayPal, Disney, Nestlé, and Nokia projects.  He joined BlueModus in 2018 as a Senior Project Manager but now is one of the leaders of our Strategy Team. Carlos identifies short- and long-term opportunities for our customers’ future success, collaborating with all teams across the company to ensure customer needs are proactively being met and maintaining mutual digital roadmap alignment. When he is not working, you will likely find Carlos playing music around Austin, TX. He has a passion for woodworking (or more accurately, watching woodworking Youtube videos) and trying (with varied success) to keep his 1969 Ford Truck running.

“I’ve always been most interested in work environments that push me out of my comfort zone while allowing autonomy to navigate my way through.  At BlueModus, there continue to be many opportunities that allow me to work with my colleagues to forge our own path.” - Carlos

Chad Dugas

Senior Solution Engineer

Denver, CO

Chad loves to learn new things and is constantly exploring new technologies. He joined BlueModus in 2017, and his passion for front-end technologies has helped shape our front-end development team. Today, Chad not only builds and maintains the front-end of websites for our most challenging client projects but is also responsible for building the internal tools and best practices our entire team uses as the foundation for new projects. When not in front of his computer, you will find Chad tending to his extensive (some may say obsessive) collection of houseplants, hanging out with friends, or relaxing with his dog, Roper.

“Everyone here at BlueModus is extremely kind and helpful. We all want each other to succeed, and that is abundantly clear on a day-to-day basis.” - Chad

Chris Blaylock

System Administrator

Denver, CO

Chris has worked in the technology space for over eight years. From replacing hard drives as a repair agent to launching VOIP systems, he has handled a lot as a SysAdmin. He loves automation and treating everything like some giant puzzle to be solved. Chris joined our team in 2022 and provides infrastructure support to our colleagues and cloud hosting support to our clients. When he is not fixing what the rest of the team has broken, you will likely find Chris in his garden or with his dog, Toki, and two cats, Hazel and Seymour Butts. Marine biology is his original life’s passion, so Chris cares for a coral reef fish tank at home. In addition, he is an avid weightlifter, swimmer, and hiker.

“From top to bottom, it seems like BlueModus really cares about its employees’ wellbeing. It’s the dedication to protecting their culture that stunned me because it’s not just a selling point, it’s obviously really important to everyone.” - Chris

Chris Franks

Senior Web Developer

Dallas, TX

Chris has been working in the software industry for over eight years as a Full-Stack Developer and has developed solutions and projects for for-profit and nonprofit organizations. His previous experience with cloud-based solutions involving .NET Core and Vue.js technologies led him to BlueModus in 2021. He is constantly looking to learn more. He loves gaming with his kids in his free time and restoring old electronics like gaming consoles and games. Chris also has a passion for playing guitar (loudly).

“The team at BlueModus is very genuine. The Leadership Team cares about its employees and the work they do. That collaborative environment is definitely something that attracted me to BlueModus, and is why I continue to enjoy working here.” - Chris

Chris Morales

Senior Project Manager

Baltimore, MD

Chris has over eight years of project leadership focused extensively on software applications development, cloud migrations, mobile technology, and website development and maintenance. In addition, he has experience in managing a diverse workforce of technical and non-technical staff through the software development lifecycle. Since joining BlueModus in 2021, Chris has done great work planning, managing, and executing client implementation projects and managing ongoing support. When he is not managing projects at work, Chris lives his best life at home with his family. His passions include swimming, hiking, PC games, cooking, grilling, dancing anytime he can, and hitting the gym every day at 6:00 AM.

“BlueModus’ culture is so positive, caring, and truly goes above and beyond to provide outstanding quality work for its clients and provide a great organizational dynamic for its employees. I love being a part of such a collaborative and talented team!” - Chris

Christina Rivera

Senior Project Manager

Houston, TX

Christina has more than eight years of experience leading web and media projects through the project’s entire life cycle. Her goal is always to be a thoughtful and driven communicator to develop a deep understanding of the challenge at hand and the best solution for her clients and team. Since joining BlueModus in 2021, Christina has been responsible for planning, managing, and executing client implementation projects and managing ongoing support. She works hard because if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Off the clock, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and finding new toys for her infant niece. Her perfect Sunday includes lots of cuddles with her dog, hiking, cloud gazing, and playing Sims.

“I’m grateful to work in a place where I am challenged and equally supported every single day.” - Christina

Colin Leslie

Solution Lead

Cleveland, OH

Colin has worked in the software development industry for nearly ten years in a variety of fields, including business software, manufacturing, and health and wellness, with a focus on the Microsoft stack. He joined the BlueModus team in 2021. Colin has developed a passion for good software design throughout his career and has learned the importance of communication and a close-knit team. A musician at heart, Colin loves playing instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, and a smattering of other things with strings. In addition, he likes working on and ogling at cars, hiking and discovering new places, and fostering dogs with several local rescues.

“What first struck me when I talked to members of the BlueModus team was an emphasis on community and teamwork. I felt an immediate sense of camaraderie during all of my conversations, and it felt like everyone couldn’t say enough good things about the culture. The number of dogs that appear in the company culture video didn’t hurt, either.” - Colin

Craig Turnbull

Strategic Solutions Specialist

Denver, CO

Craig has a background as a professional sales consultant specializing in Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies and regularly attends national training sessions to showcase new tech trends. He joined BlueModus in 2020 and is focused on uncovering new client opportunities for our team. When he is not on the phone, you will find Craig hiking with his family, snowboarding, running, or spending time at his kids’ sporting events.

“I love BlueModus’ innovative approach to employee wholeness and putting colleague happiness first. Happy employees, in turn, are more productive - so it’s a win-win.” - Craig

Cristian Herrera

Strategic Solutions Specialist

Denver, CO

Cristian has extensive experience with inside and outside sales, account management, purchasing, and marketing, having spent most of his career in the construction and distribution industries. Since joining our team in 2020, Cristian has done a great job uncovering new client opportunities for our team. When not wearing his headset, you will find Cristian spending time with his beautiful wife and daughters. He also loves golfing, traveling to the Colorado mountains, enjoying time with friends, partaking in good food and drinks, especially a Modelo or good tequila.

“From my first interview at BlueModus, I knew the team not only believed in the company’s core values - they lived them. I love being a part of a team that is creative, innovative, and genuine.” - Cristian

Dave Bromeland

Development Director

Minneapolis, MN

Dave began his professional career as an art director before pursuing the pull of a more technical career. He has worked as a software engineer for large and small companies, developed business-critical features, and led various implementations. Dave is passionate about finding solutions to business problems. He joined our team in 2019 and leads one of our technical teams focused on providing web development, website enhancements, platform upgrades, and technical consulting to our clients. Dave has a wide variety of passions outside of work, including playing guitar and singing in his neighborhood band, dabbling in the fine art of oil painting, and paddleboarding or hiking with his beautiful family. He is also very handy and does a lot of DIY home improvement projects. When he looks to unwind, you will find him watching reruns of the TV show Frasier.

"As a former BlueModus client, I saw firsthand the company's commitment to putting their clients' interests first, without ego. I have always been impressed by the technical expertise and quality of solutions delivered at BlueModus, and I wanted to work for a company that respected its employees as much as its clients." - Dave

Dave Conder

Founder & CTO

Denver, CO

Dave started BlueModus in 2001 and is responsible for the overall technical vision and strategy at BlueModus - both on behalf of our clients and our internal systems and tools. His eagerness to learn about new technologies and tools and how we can leverage them to make a positive difference means Dave still gets his hands dirty and code and systems - helping us continuously grow and improve. Dave claims he has no hobbies, but he really does, and when he is not working, you will find him coaching high school basketball, singing, or playing the pipe organ. He is also a certified firearms instructor.

"My absolute favorite part of BlueModus is the people, both our internal colleagues and all the great people we work with. We value good relationships and know that they take effort and investment to cultivate and maintain. The result is amazing, and I love interacting with everyone that I have the privilege of working with." - Dave

Dave Corner

Strategic Director

Springfield, MO

Dave brings ten years of experience creating and managing strategy/digital production for brands like Spirit Airlines, Hershey’s, and Dairy Queen. He began his career helping grow a small start-up eventually acquired by a more prominent agency, allowing him to work across several different industries and platforms. He joined the BlueModus team in 2021. Dave was a collegiate golfer, plays guitar for 20 minutes a day, and is always searching for the nation’s greatest turkey sandwich. He lives in Missouri with his wonderful girlfriend, Kayce, Marshall, the dog, and Gary, the cat. 

“Blue Modus’s culture of transparency, empathy, and discipline is one of a kind. The people are some of the best problem solvers in the industry yet remain incredibly humble. It’s pretty special to find a place that takes so much pride in setting up their clients and employees for success.” – Dave

David Stevens

Solution Lead

Greenville, SC

David joined BlueModus in 2019 after successfully convincing Tom Whittaker, our President & COO, to create a position for him. He has 20 years of development experience spanning enterprise, startups, open-source, and law enforcement. David loves analyzing problems, architecting solutions, and delivering results while anticipating and resolving obstacles.  David’s secondary roles as a project and account manager helps him deepen relationships and product fit; if there’s a way to be more efficient, he’ll find it.

When David’s not deploying code and posting GIFs in Slack, you’ll find him starting debates on universal enigmas.  He loves exotic foods, mixing craft cocktails, playing Magic: the Gathering, and sleeping outdoors. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn, except when he’s spending time with his beautiful wife and daughters.

“BlueModus brings together high-performing, low-ego teams who are passionate about creating and sustaining value through modern technology. I'm proud to work with clients and teams who challenge each other to get better every single day.” - David

Derrick Koon

Senior Web Developer

Chicago, IL

Derrick has been a developer for over ten years. He began his career focused on HTML and CSS, then added PHP and finally broke into the Microsoft Stack. Derrick is a lifelong learner who is passionate about creating beautiful and functional things for the web. He joined the BlueModus team in 2021. Outside of work, Derrick has a passion for studying and practicing Stoic philosophy, which focuses on personal ethics informed by its logic system and its views on the natural world. He is even involving in rebuilding the Stoic Registry – the oldest record of Modern Stoics. Derrick is also an avid reader and averages 6-8 books per month.

“When I set out to look for something new to venture into, I was struck by the sense of camaraderie that was evident at BlueModus. In just a few moments of talking with the team, I could tell that I had found a place where I could grow not only as a developer but also as a person.” - Derrick

Eric Perkins

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Eric joined our team in 2021 and brought his passion for using software and technology to solve problems. In his 20+ years of experience, Eric has worked both large and small companies, startups and established, and at different levels from strategic to hands-on implementor. In all things, he strives to find the most efficient way to get things done. A health and exercise enthusiast, you will likely find Eric swimming, skiing, lifting weights, walking with his family, or playing with his dog, Qubit. He is also an avid reader and enjoys constantly learning new things.

I was very impressed with the efficiency of the interview process, the quick responses, and the feedback. It gave me the impression that BlueModus knows what it wants and gets things done.”- Eric

Erin Stevens

User Experience Director

Chicago, IL

With a background in user experience and account and project management, Erin specializes in identifying and creating innovative solutions that balance user-centered design principles with business requirements, user needs, and technical realities. She joined our team in 2019 and has excelled at building strong partnerships with our clients by gaining an in-depth understanding of their business goals and user wants, to identify scalable solutions for continued growth. When she is not creating wireframes or building content models, you will find Erin splitting her time with her amazing dog, Walter, between downtown Chicago's city life and the country life in a small town in Wisconsin. Erin is an avid traveler and has already visited 31 countries (and counting). She is also a big DIY enthusiast and loves to create art, build stuff, design interiors and use power tools whenever possible.

“I feel very lucky to work in such an engaging culture - it’s rare to find an environment where every person on the team is motivated, passionate, and sincerely wants to work together to create the best solutions for our clients.” - Erin

Faye Spath

Senior Web Developer

Orlando, FL

Faye has worked with many technologies over the years like Cobol, Java, and .Net.  She started her .Net career in 2004 and fell in love with the Microsoft Technology stack. Faye joined our team in 2021 and builds, enhances, and maintains websites for our clients. On the weekends, she loves spending time with her family, whether golfing, visiting parks and zoos, or checking out one of the local breweries. But, if she is not out and about in central Florida, she is at home in her workshop, turning pends on her lathe.

“I worked with one of BlueModus’ colleagues at another company, and I loved working with him, so I knew BlueModus hired good people. So when I interviewed, the work culture attracted me, and I felt like I would be a good fit for the company and the company was a good fit for me.” - Faye

Gene Byas

Senior Web Developer

Dallas, TX

Gene has developed across the full stack through the course of his career. He has a passion for JavaScript, the .NET Framework, and learning new technologies and best practices along the way. He joined BlueModus in 2021 and has been building, enhancing, and maintaining websites and CMS tools for our clients ever since. You will find Gene relaxing, playing video games, or randomly sitting on rocks with his kids in his free time.

“I was attracted to BlueModus for the culture and collaborative environment. I’m always excited to learn from others and enhance my skill set, and BlueModus has given me a fantastic opportunity to grow in my career while helping others do the same.” - Gene

Gerald Schwab

Senior Web Developer

Seattle, WA

Starting with a passion for technology at a young age, Gerald has been utilizing his 20+ years of experience as a software development professional to implement a myriad of technical solutions for Fortune 100 companies. He brought his technology skills to BlueModus in 2021 and works with a team of developers, providing custom solutions for our clients. When he is not building great customer experiences, Gerald enjoys spending time with his family, working out, traveling, and coding for fun.

“BlueModus centers itself around bright, passionate, and professional people with a supportive culture of cooperation. It’s great to be part of such an amazing organization.”- Gerald

Grant Knowlton

Managing Director

Denver, CO

Grant joined the BlueModus team in 2019. He has 15 years of experience spanning marketing, enterprise technology implementations, and solutions consulting. In addition, Grant has spent many years in the not-for-profit and certification industries, where he and team members delivered premier solutions to meet organizations' immediate and future strategic needs. Grant enjoys spending time with family and friends outside of work, playing tennis, and finding the perfect wine to add to his collection. Most weekends, you will find him his beautiful family on adventures to the Rocky Mountains, the Denver Zoo, local museums, or the Denver Botanic Gardens.

"It is an astonishing thing when talent, passion, drive, and teamwork come together. That is what I've seen from BlueModus, and I'm excited to be a part of making amazing things happen." - Grant

Ira Merrill

Senior UX/UI Developer

Seattle, WA

Ira started his career building custom websites and database admin tools for touring musicians and others in the entertainment field. With 20+ years as a technologist, he has mainly worked in the UI layer while keeping a few fingers and toes dipped in the data pool. Ira joined our team in 2022. He loves exploring new technologies, but you will likely find Ira songwriting, recording, and performing music when not at the computer. He also has a passion for cooking, traveling, hiking, and working out.

“I appreciated the level of scrutiny in the interview process and how transparent it was from the beginning. To me, it shows that a company takes a far rounder view of what builds success – that it isn’t purely about technical prowess, but cultural chemistry, and other soft skills as well.”- Ira

Ivan Jung

Senior Web Developer

Charlotte, NC

Ivan has worked as a full-stack developer for over ten years in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, travel, and banking industries, on large and small teams. Still, no matter the project, client, or industry, creating solutions as a developer and applying his team’s combined experience and creativity from planning to development to deployment has always been a thrill for Ivan. He joined the BlueModus team in 2021, and when he is not coding on projects, you will either find him on hikes with his wife and dog, Abel or all at home watching TV. His dream one day is to motorcycle across the U.S. from coast to coast and border to border.

“I’ve found that the work you do can be the same no matter where you go. However, the people and the culture that pervades can decide how happy you are doing that work. BlueModus has shown me that they care about the details, the little things that can contribute to their new employees’ well-being.” - Ivan

Jason Lindsay

Senior Web Developer

Denver, CO

Jason has worked in the software development space for over 20 years and brought his experience to BlueModus in 2019. He loves working at BlueModus, and for someone who’s been in the software game for long as he has, that’s saying something. In addition, Jason enjoys learning new technologies and leveraging that knowledge in cool and innovative ways for our clients. When Jason isn’t providing first-class software solutions on projects, he is either playing tabletop and board games, blasting loud music, performing on stage at his local community theater, or attempting to ignore his children’s desperate pleas for attention.

“I really like the positive culture and sense of team at BlueModus, as well as the idea of constantly improving on process and workflow. I dig working with cool people, being one myself, and I love the culture that BlueModus has grown here. Saying that BlueModus has a ‘Goldilocks’ corporate culture would be an understatement. Come for the challenges, stay for the people.” - Jason

Jeff Schreiner

Senior Web Developer

Fort Collins, CO

Jeff joined our team in 2021 and brought over five years of experience developing and administering software in the public energy space. He has used a variety of technologies, including .NET, PowerShell, SQL, and ServiceNow to provide intuitive solutions for clients and automate processes. Jeff and his wife love to travel to new, interesting places. At home, they enjoy spending time together watching movies and playing games. In the summertime, you can find Jeff grilling and smoking meats.

“When I met the team at BlueModus, I was blown away at how friendly and knowledgeable everyone was. I’m excited for the opportunity to grow my skills and the challenges that we’ll accomplish together.” - Jeff

Jennifer Dillahunty

Strategic Director

Austin, TX

After spending most of her career as an Account Director at a digital agency, Jennifer found her way to custom software development. For the last seven years, she has focused on program management and strategy, collaborating with teams and clients to help build meaningful products and solutions across a wide range of industries. Jennifer joined our team in 2018 and collaborates with clients to roadmap both short- and long-term strategies. When she is not working, you will find Jennifer with her husband, Coan, in their garden focused on native plants that support birds, bees, and pollinators. Jennifer also has a passion for local breweries and trying all the vegetarian tacos in Austin, Texas.

“It’s clear BlueModus is a place that truly cares about their colleagues, culture, and doing great work with an emphasis on transparency which are all things I value.”- Jen

Jennifer Jelsma

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

By coupling her passion for project management and emerging digital technologies, Jen has built her career as a project manager in fast-paced agency environments specializing in MarTech and digital services. Having worked with an extensive range of clients varying in size and industry, Jen specializes in ensuring marketing strategy and user experience remain on track while balancing the time, budget, talent, and resources available for each project. She joined the BlueModus team in 2019 and has become indispensable to her team and clients for steering each project forward. Outside of work, you can find Jen enjoying the outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, camping, or even just taking her rescue dog, Zeke, for a walk after work. Her other interests include yoga, holistic nutrition, and supporting regenerative agriculture efforts in her community.

“It’s all about the synergy of a team. At BlueModus, I work alongside smart, tech-savvy professionals who exemplify servant leadership, accountability, and transparency. Together we deliver the best solutions for our clients, and that is very rewarding.” - Jen

Jen Wolke

Solution Lead

Colorado Springs, CO

With nearly 20 years of software development experience, Jen has worked on projects for small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. In addition, she has focused on web development using Microsoft technology for collegiate, Olympic, and international sports organizations for the last decade. Jen joined our team in 2018 and now leads a team of developers in building new enterprise-level websites on .NET CMS platforms like Kentico, Umbraco, and Sitefinity. You will find Jen hiking, biking, skiing, and camping with her family or hanging out with her dogs outside of work. She also loves going to Broadway shows and traveling to visit family and friends.

“The commitment to continuous professional growth and dedication to solving challenging problems for clients drew me to BlueModus. I enjoy working with and learning from highly skilled colleagues that show a passion for what they do." - Jen

Jesse Hormachea

Vice President of Delivery

Denver, CO

Jesse has over 15 years of tech-focused experience as a software developer, project manager, business analyst, and general manager. In his career, he has led projects of all sizes and across industries, including transportation, non-profit, government, education, finance, and e-commerce. Jesse joined the BlueModus team in 2018 as a Senior Project Manager and today leads our entire Delivery Team. Simply put, he is the guy who helps the team remove roadblocks and ensures we are focused on what matters most – our clients. To relax, you will find Jesse either playing his favorite video game or on a 15-mile run.

"I enjoy working with the tech-savvy, humble professionals here that strive to deliver the best solutions to clients. Our remote-first culture, makes it easy and fun to really get to know our colleagues and clients." - Jesse

Joel Anderson

Solution Lead

Des Moines, IA

Joel joined our team in 2021 and brought over 15+ years of data-driven web application development experience with him. He started in full-stack development in the days before JavaScript frameworks were even a thing, and he has adapted and grown alongside browser and .NET technology. Joel enjoys solving complex problems in ways that delight and make life more awesome for end users. He feels the best parts of software development are working with technology and helping people. Joel loves taking on new challenges and learning new skills. When he is not working, Joel enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, and biking.

Everyone I interacted with at BlueModus during the interview process has been great. I am looking forward to working with this team.”- Joel

John Fager

Development Director

Denver, CO

With more than 20 years of experience with e-commerce, including intelligent and personalized content delivery, analytics, and predictive modeling, John has architected and implemented robust software solutions for content management and delivery for hundreds of B2B and B2C organizations. He joined our team in 2018 and leads several of our technical teams focused on providing web development, website enhancements, platform upgrades, and technical consulting to our clients. When not working with his team on client projects, you will find John hitting the slopes or hiking with his husband, Scott. They are both avid travelers who enjoy experiencing different cultures first-hand.

“I love that in my role, I get to work with so many of BlueModus’ great team members. Each team is different, and I’m always learning something from my colleagues about new technologies, new platforms, and interesting approaches. In addition, the culture of friendly camaraderie, whether through Zoom get-togethers or witty banter on Slack, makes for a wonderful work environment.” - John

Jon Knopp

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

As a back-end developer at a digital agency with clients in .NET for over 8 years, and Kentico Xperience for 5 years, Jon has delivered cloud-based CMS architecture and solutions varying from single-page apps to large enterprise projects. He has led development projects in many industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, and finance. Additionally, Jon orchestrated integrations with numerous 3rd party systems and development teams. Jon joined BlueModus in 2021 and leads a team of developers to help craft a robust technical architecture and strategy for our clients’ projects. When he is not working, you will find him in the mountains – whether it be camping, hiking, dirt biking, snowboarding, or off-roading. He also loves good BBQ, great craft beer, and time with his black lab, Loki.

“When I found out that BlueModus was a leader in Kentico Software solutions, I knew it was where I wanted to work. I enjoy working with clients to tackle new and challenging problems with creative .NET solutions alongside like-minded individuals.” – Jon

Jordan Walters

Senior Solution Lead

Orlando, FL

Jordan has been working in the development field for over 10 years. He was on the technical teams at large hospitals and a small 10-person company that developed pharmaceutical software before finding BlueModus in 2019. Jordan is a problem solver at his core and loves using these skills every day to take technical challenges and provide the best solution to our clients. This means digging in deep, asking questions, taking shots, missing shots, being a team player, and most of all, being open and honest about everything. Jordan and his wonderful family live in the Orlando area, and on most weekends, you will find them enjoying time at a beach, zoo, park, or fishing. He is an avid believer in DIY and has done everything from fixing an old rusting truck to rebuilding bathrooms.

“BlueModus gives me the ability to take full responsibility for a technical product and deliver it to our clients! This means a successful job done for everyone.” - Jordan

Josh Bezdek

Senior UX/UI Developer

Breckenridge, CO

Josh joined BlueModus in 2018 after several years of contracting with us. He is responsible for building front-end designs for our client projects. With 20+ years of design and development experience, Josh is driven to create usable, accessible, and beautiful digital experiences. Josh is a huge music fan – both listening, playing, and attending live concerts. He also has a massive passion for snowboarding, travel, and good food. But his true love is quality family time with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and adorable son, George.

"The best parts of working for BlueModus are the quality of work, the caliber of clientele, and the camaraderie of the team." - Josh

Josh Heaton

Solution Lead

Charlestown, WV

Josh works to ensure success for his clients - from reviewing their implementation and helping remediate issues to finding features they may not be used effectively, listening to their pain points, and advising them on approaches that help make their lives easier. Josh has nearly 15 years of experience with web development across many platforms and architectures and joined our team in 2017. When he is not working, you will find him spending time with his family, tinkering with electronics and cars, and DIYing projects around his home.

"BlueModus is made up of a lot of smart, helpful people who are easy to communicate with - that's the essence of any great company, and BlueModus does it well." - Josh

Josh Sherman

Vice President of Innovation

Denver, CO

Along with managing several of our technical squads, including providing support and guidance to help the team deliver some of our most complex solutions for our clients, Josh also leads the development of internal tooling and products for BlueModus. Over the past 10+ years, Josh has worn many hats in the software/web development space, including developer, technical lead, scrum master, and product manager, and developed all kinds of software and digital solutions from enterprise-level web applications to internal tooling and support systems. Josh joined BlueModus in 2018. When he is not deep in solving a technical problem or helping your team, you will find him cooking, playing music, or spending time with his pups.

“I am so excited being part of a team that is passionate, works hard, and cares about getting things right for our clients.” - Josh

Joshua Ward

Senior UX/UI Developer

Denver, CO

With over 10 years of experience in front-end development and design, Joshua joined BlueModus in 2018, bringing his love of JavaScript and solving complex problems with creative solutions. He has a passion for new technologies and is always focused on personal growth and trying new things in his work. Joshua, an outdoor enthusiast, loves long walks down mountains, jumping out of airplanes, riding his board down the slopes, and tearing it up skateboarding. He balances the outdoors with a love of craft breweries, good restaurants, live music events, and getting stamps for his passport.

"The team at BlueModus is dedicated to building high-quality products, and to be a part of that is truly an opportunity that I cherish." - Joshua

Joyce Moore

Solution Lead

Houston, TX

Joyce brought her technical experience with the Microsoft stack and her passion for delivering beyond expectations to every project to BlueModus in 2021. As a full-stack developer, Joyce has worked on many projects to incorporate the latest technology and designs that offer customers the responsiveness and usability they have been craving. If Joyce isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her kids are taking on a project around the house. She enjoys the sense of accomplishment from learning how to create and refinish things, like her kitchen cabinets.  

“BlueModus has successfully created a culture that many companies aim to achieve.  When you take the time to invest in people and relationships, the outcome is amazing. I am thrilled to be part of the team.” - Joyce

Juan Pa Rodríguez

Senior Web Developer

Alexandria, VA

Juan Pa’s career has been focused on working within the  .NET framework. Although the majority of his experience has been back-end development, his passion for technology has pushed him to learn some front-end JavaScript libraries like jQuery and ReactJS. He joined the BlueModus team in 2021, and he helps build and deploy public and internal facing websites for our clients. You will find Juan Pa playing in soccer leagues, playing video games, or studying new technologies in his free time.  

"Here at BlueModus, I have found the culture that actually follows my favorite quote (yes a quote about a quote, I know) - 'Keep flying higher so that others are inspired to fly with you,' and that is really rare to find!" - Juan Pa

Julie Biesiada

Accounting & Contracts Manager

Denver, CO

Since joining BlueModus in 2012, Julie has been a continual source of sunshine and joy across the entire company. She embodies the true spirit of BlueModus as a team of helpers because although her primary focus is accounting, our monthly invoicing, and contract administration, Julie jumps in wherever and whenever needed. She is the ultimate Mom, and most of her free time is devoted to her son Max. On weekends, you can often find them both on their favorite Colorado hiking trail, the Royal Arch.

It is the people we have here that make BlueModus so special. I am so happy that other woman they first hired for my job didn't work out.“ - Julie

Justin Fouts

Web Development Lead

Tampa, FL

Justin joined the BlueModus Team in 2019. Having worked in the software industry for nearly ten years, he has grown to love developing software using C#. Justin's depth of experience in software development has allowed him to delve into providing creative solutions for customers, as he leads a BlueModus team in building large enterprise implementations on .NET CMS platforms, including Kentico, Sitecore, and Sitefinity. Away from his laptop, you will find Justin fishing, playing board games, painting miniatures, and cooking.

"BlueModus is a fast-paced environment where I can solve problems for numerous clients. In addition, we are bringing technology closer to marketing, which is an area that I believe is necessary for a company's continued growth in the technological world we live in." - Justin

Justin Neff

Senior Web Developer

Green Bay, WI

Justin has a track record of implementing industry best practices and standards for team efficiency and solution robustness. He has led teams in the development of internal tools and healthcare-focused applications. Justin always strives to challenge himself by learning something new to help improve his toolset as a programmer. Justin came to BlueModus in 2021, and he helps build and deploy public and internal-facing websites for our clients. Outside of work, he has a passion for video games, cooking, music, and concerts, and usually, you will find him spending time with his family.

“I like that BlueModus allows me to continue growing my career in a collaborative environment that still celebrates their success with team ‘fun’ days. I enjoy the flexible, remote, and the collaborative environment.” - Justin

Justin Sanders

Strategic Director

Houston, TX

Justin’s career has spanned over eight years between digital agencies and product-focused startups, where he has served in project management, product management, and account management roles. Justin joined our team in 2021 and has a passion for understanding the needs of his clients and team and working to find true win-win outcomes. When he is not talking road mapping, and deep in a strategy conversation with our clients, Justin can be found cooking, trying new restaurants, traveling, or attending live sporting events.

“BlueModus’ formula for success is a combination of veteran professionals and proven processes. It is a joy to be part of a team that talks the talk and walks the walk while genuinely caring for each other and our clients.” - Justin

Kate Kunert

Senior Strategic Director

Chicago, IL

Having managed projects in the digital agency space since the late 1990s, Kate’s expertise in the digital space is unparalleled.  She plays an integral role in developing and refining the strategic roadmaps for multiple BlueModus clients, working with our technical team to ensure clients’ needs are being proactively met while maintaining mutual roadmap alignment. Fun for Kate means spending time with family, getting on her road bike, gardening, hiking, snowshoeing, or any outdoor adventure.  When feeling lazy, she can be found curled up with a good book, puzzle, or game.

“Since joining BlueModus in 2013, I’ve experienced exciting growth, unparalleled culture, supportive management, and challenging work.  But the best part of being a BlueModian is the amazing, super-smart and often silly colleagues I get to work with every day.” - Kate

Katie Tabler

Project Management Director

Denver, CO

Katie is the queen of organization and the ultimate task manager. These skills have made her a tremendous Project Manager since she joined the team in 2016. Katie has over ten years of experience in project management, working on large- and small-scale interactive and multimedia projects, including website redesigns, responsive builds, e-commerce projects, and CMS development. Today, she leads our Project Management Team and helps keep everything moving across our Delivery Team. When Katie is not deep in team allocations, you will find her playing with her dog Stella, skiing, eating Skyline chili, or traveling back to Ohio to visit family.

"I love the team here. I work with some of the smartest, most caring, and talented colleagues in my career, who work incredibly hard to bring high value and success to our clients. Plus, I get to work with Julie Biesiada, and that makes me happy every day." - Katie

Kristin Harper

Vice President of Finance

Denver, CO

Kristin has 20 years of professional services accounting experience, including everything from fulfilling day-to-day accounting responsibilities to completing larger projects such as ERP software conversion & implementation and mergers & acquisitions. She joined BlueModus in 2019 and is responsible for keeping our financial and operational affairs in order. When she’s not Excel-ing in spreadsheets, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, spending time with friends, family, and her labrador Lola, or probably putting away laundry.

“I truly enjoy working with the team at BlueModus each day. I am thankful to be a part of such a sharp, talented, and fun group.” - Kristin

Lara Innamorati

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

Lara joined the BlueModus team in 2020 and brought extensive experience managing the entire life-cycle of projects for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. In addition, she has a deep understanding of web development and executing creative solutions. Lara has been an incredible addition to her team and works incredibly hard to keep work flowing through her team. Outside of work, Lara is the perfect mix of active and relaxed. She equally loves traveling, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and seeing live music as she does reading a good book,  hanging out with family and friends, and finding amazing new restaurants to dine in. She will also proudly admit to (probably) having the most photographed dog, Rudy – who she adores.   

“I love how supportive everyone is to each other. Honestly, it’s the first place I worked that says ‘egos are checked at the door’ and lives it. Most of all, I love the challenge here and that I constantly feel like I am learning. I love that.” - Lara

Laura Stevens

Human Resources Generalist

Denver, CO

With an extensive background in Human Resources, Laura enjoys handling all aspects of HR, but especially helping colleagues with their questions. She joined BlueModus in 2020, and she serves as the main point of contact for all colleague-related needs, including health benefits, 401K, processing payroll, onboarding new hires, recruiting, and HR legal compliance. When she is not helping our colleagues, you will find Laura running around helping all the animals on her suburban farm or her four dogs - Brutus, Rome, Frankie, and Zara. In addition, Laura loves traveling with her family and has a passion for hiking, skiing, scuba diving, concerts, and comedy shows.

"From the beginning, I could tell the entire BlueModus team has great camaraderie. Everyone here is so appreciative to work for's a wonderful team environment." - Laura

Marc Maassen


Denver, CO

At BlueModus, it's all about building long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our colleagues, partners, and clients - and that's what Marc has been doing since he joined the team in 2009. He has more than 35 years of management experience in business development, sales and marketing, corporate development, and operations in both public and private companies. He has extensive experience with early-stage technology services, software, information technology security, and communications companies. When not at work, you will find Marc either on a river fly-fishing or chasing after his grandkids. 

"The culture of collaboration and critical thinking stands out at BlueModus - where like-minded people share a passion for building relationships and solving complex problems through creative technology solutions." - Marc

Mark Lamboy

Web Development Lead

Philadelphia, PA

Mark has been a full-stack developer for nearly 20 years. He enjoys working across different technologies and making them work together seamlessly. His previous experience includes mentoring other developers on his team. In addition to ASP.Net MVC, Mark has worked with the content management systems Drupal and WordPress. Since joining BlueModus in 2021, he has been helping to build and deploy public and internal facing websites. When he is not working, you will likely find Mark hanging with his family, working on car projects, coding for fun, or skateboarding.

“I was initially attracted by the diversity of BlueModus’ clients and the problems we would solve for them. After being here, I realized I love the culture as well.” - Mark

Matías Penela

Solution Lead

Miami, FL

Matías has been working in the technology field for almost two decades. He initially wanted to pursue a career in computer animation but quickly fell in love with the internet and the applications built on it. He wanted to take part in the creation of awesome tools and decided to dive into programming languages. Matías joined our team in 2018 and works closely with a multidisciplinary team of developers, project managers, and account managers to execute the complex and exciting process. He loves digging into the details and seeing technology solutions come to life. While not creating web applications, Matías can be found working on the next DIY home improvement project, hanging out with his two kids and wife,  playing soccer, or trying out a new restaurant.

"It's a privilege to work with such a smart wholesome group of folks that allow you to do what you love professionally while also leaving plenty time for other passions outside of work." - Matías

Matt Cunningham

Senior Web Developer

Kansas City, MO

Matt has been developing software professionally for over 10 years, and doing it for fun for at least twice that long. In that time, he has written control systems for fueling stations, payment processing software for baseball bats, telephony-based medical transcription software, GameCube controller drivers, vehicle inventory software, digitized board games, and lots more. Matt joined us at BlueModus in 2019. When he is not coding, you will likely find him slaying Dungeons and Dragons – he plays twice a week with his wife and several friends. Matt is a retired competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee player and used to travel extensively for tournaments. But it is not all games for Matt, as he also attends the St. Louis Opera in the early summer with his wife and her parents. Their picnics are so extravagant on the Opera Theater lawn that they are one of their promotional videos eating.

"The most important factors to enjoying work for me have always been having pleasant people to work with and lots of interesting things to do. Additionally, I like making neat stuff. BlueModus offers the opportunity for all of these things in one place." - Matt

Matthew Ricker

Solution Lead

Tampa, FL

Matthew has over 15 years of experience working with front-end web applications, back-end databases, and programming. He enjoys the ever-changing challenges of working in IT and loves collaborating with others to bring ideas to life through technology. Matt, who joined our team in 2021, is a forward thinker who excels in a team environment and leading others. When he is not solving technical challenges at work, you will find him playing soccer, traveling, or gambling. Matt is also a connoisseur of drinking good whiskeys and smoking fine cigars.

“BlueModus’ friendly company culture and varying expertise of the colleagues attracted me to the team. I love that it allows me to learn new things, share my knowledge, and work with clients to build top-notch solutions.” - Matthew

Meghann Lord-Fenn

Senior Project Manager

Denver, CO

Meghann is very passionate about keeping projects organized, on task, and within budget…which makes her a great fit as a Senior Project Manager at BlueModus. She joined our team in 2018 and has been utilizing her 15+ years of experience in account service ever since. Her experience spans branding, redesign, custom site development, building and designing native iOS and Android apps, and work in the social good space. At BlueModus, Meghann is responsible for planning, managing, and executing assigned projects from original concept to final implementation. While not supporting her team at work, Meghann enjoys spending time with her fun family, attending dog shows (she’s a licensed AKC judge), and getting out to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer!

“I have always felt that transparency is the key to success. As soon as I learned that that was one of BlueModus’ principles, I knew that this would be the place for me! Every day I log in to work, I’m so thankful that I found a company that values all that I do – honesty, transparency, and working remotely.” - Meghann

Melissa Hale

Administrative Assistant

Denver , CO

Melissa is a well-rounded office professional with over 15 years of experience, including administrative and executive support, event planning, accounting support, and project coordination. She joined our team in 2022 and supports both the Human Resources and Finance teams. When she is not working, you will find Melissa roller skating, hiking with my dogs, listening to music, reading, politics, or traveling.

“Before I had my first interview, I scoured the BlueModus website for information; when I read the statement ‘But at our heart, we are the hand-raisers, the helpers,’ I was hooked.” - Melissa


Meredith Perkins-Lehman

Managing Director

Raleigh, NC

Meredith joined BlueModus in 2017 as a Senior Project Manager but now is one of the leaders of our Strategy Team. She loves working directly with our clients to help them develop their strategic roadmap and plan future digital initiatives. When Meredith is not working, you will find her on long walks with Gus, her black Labrador Retriever, at Orange Theory or enjoying a cocktail on the patio with her husband.

"Our team is amazing. People are always willing to talk through ideas, pitch in to help, and share a laugh. BlueModus is by far one of the best environments I've ever worked in." - Meredith

Mike Turing

Managing Director

Denver, CO

Mike brings over 10 years of experience as a product owner, project manager and strategic consultant across various e-Commerce & CMS solutions. Mike has a passion for learning new things, whether at work or home. He joined the team in 2020, and he helps our clients with strategy and road mapping their e-Comm, CMS, and intranet initiatives across the Kentico, Umbraco, and NopCommerce platforms. Outside of work, you'll find Mike at the gym, futzing with the latest tech, playing video games, attending concerts, and traveling the world.

"BlueModus is a great place for people who love to learn. Our clients expect us to come with the best solutions for their evolving business needs - and I appreciate that we have embraced that challenge from the top-down." - Mike

Mike Wills

Vice President of Technology

Seattle, WA

With over 20 years’ experience, Mike has developed solutions ranging from shrink-wrapped software to high-profile websites. Mike joined BlueModus in 2018 and manages several technical squads at BlueModus, providing guidance and support to help each team deliver complex and custom solutions for our clients. Additionally, Mike has held the distinction of being a Kentico Xperience MVP since 2020, which is an honor only held by a handful of implementers. When he’s not supporting BlueModus teams and clients, you might find Mike spending time with his family, enjoying the Pacific Northwest, or training his deaf dog, Oliver.

Additionally, Mike has held the distinction of being a Kentico Xperience MVP since 2020, which is an honor only held by a handful of implementers. Mike also regularly writes for the BlueModus website about Kentico. Click here to read Mike's latest articles.

“This is the most wonderful team, full of amazing, smart, and humble people. I’m honored to work with these BlueModusians to take care of our customers.” - Mike

Nate Chadwick

Web Development Lead

Fort Myers, FL

Over the past few years, Nate has quickly grown from a Junior Web Developer to a Senior Web Developer. Since re-joining the BlueModus team in 2021, he has helped maintain, enhance and build several websites utilizing custom code and Content Management Systems like Kentico Xperience. Nate is a fast learner with an endless drive who constantly looks to learn new ways to produce a quicker, more user-friendly website and stay updated with new industry standards. In his free time, you will find Nate enjoying the Florida sun on the beach with his family, playing video games, reading books, woodworking, and learning new languages.

“I came back to BlueModus searching for more structure. After meeting with the team and finding out there were multiple layers of teamwork to not only help each other but bring a better product to the client, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.” - Nate

Nathan Anderson

Solution Lead

Omaha, NE

Most of Nathan’s career was spent working for the full-service advertising agency Bozell. He began as a developer and eventually became responsible for the entirety of the Digital Department. After a comparatively brief stint working as an in-house developer, Nathan decided agency life suited him best and joined our team in 2022. At BlueModus, he leads a team of developers to maintain and build new enterprise-level websites. Outside of work, Nathan is an avid gamer. He also enjoys landscaping and has built two 750 brick retaining walls on his property. Nathan is also probably the biggest fan of the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan you will ever meet.

“In each interview, I felt and appreciated the candor of my soon-to-be colleagues - and by the end of the process, I felt like this is a place I can both be myself and contribute great value to our squads and partners.” - Nathan

Nathan Proper

Senior Web Developer

Greenville, SC

Nathan joined BlueModus in 2021 and brought his 20+ years of experience creating simple solutions to complex problems to our team. While primarily focused on C# and SQL, he specializes in finding ways to meet and exceed the requirements using whatever tools are available. Nathan’s love of problem-solving extends beyond technology, and you will often find him working on home improvement projects, both at home and for paying customers. In addition, he loves writing and speaking about theology, once again simplifying something vast and complex to help people connect the dots without decades of study. But his favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife and son, preferably outdoors.

“During one of my interviews, I mentioned how refreshing it was that BlueModus’ work culture reminded me of things from leadership experts like Jim Collins and Patrick Lencioni. Without missing a beat, Mike Wills, the VP of Technology, held up a copy of the very book I was talking about! Seeing that BlueModus actually values the people more than just the function they serve made this an easy decision for me.” - Nathan

Nick Bushnell

Development Director

Denver, CO

Nick joined our team in 2003 and holds the distinction of being BlueModus’ first employee outside of the two founders. Today, he leads one of our technical teams focused on providing web development, website enhancements, platform upgrades, and technical consulting to our clients. Nick has spent over 20 years in software development, including over a decade building sites on the Kentico Xperience content management system. In addition, he has delivered countless complex enterprise platform builds for customers across a wide range of industries. Nick loves spending time with his family, enjoying good food and wine, studying religion and philosophy, and fixing and building tables, cabinets, barns, bikes, cars, and decks outside of work.

“I love working with the smart, professional people at BlueModus. I enjoy the work and technologies we use to implement to deliver top-tier solutions for our clients.” - Nick

Nick Renteria

Senior UX/UI Developer

Atlanta, GA

Nick joined BlueModus in 2020 after doing freelance front end work for the past few years. He enjoys creating beautiful, functional websites for clients and loves the challenges and ability to grow his skills with every new project. When he’s not working, you can find Nick hanging out with his wife and friends, writing, cooking, or experimenting with new cocktail recipes.

“I love working on a team with so much experience and so much enthusiasm to share ideas and answer questions whenever they can. And since remote work is second nature at BlueModus, feeling like a valued part of that environment was easy from the start.” - Nick

Pat McWhinnie

Strategic Director

Denver, CO

For most of Pat’s career, he has been helping people transition off of one system and onto another. Over the years, he’s gone from executing as a developer to architecting the solutions and managing the projects themselves. Pat brought his skills, experience, and dedication to success to BlueModus in 2022. At BlueModus, Pat identifies short- and long-term opportunities for our customers’ future success, collaborating with all teams across the company to ensure customer needs are proactively being met and maintaining mutual digital roadmap alignment. Outside of work, Pat enjoys listening to music - preferably in-person at a show, spending time in the mountains skiing or camping, hanging out with his family, and getting his kids involved in all his interests.

“When BlueModus was described to me as a sort of ‘home’ versus a job, I was intrigued. It was plainly obvious that the people I spoke with during the interview process genuinely enjoyed working for BlueModus  - echoed throughout were the collaborative nature of the workplace, the positive culture that’s fostered from the top down, and the encouragement for people to be open and inquisitive.” - Pat

Rhona Pierce

Senior Project Manager

Tulsa, OK

Rhona has over 15 years of experience managing software development projects in the telecommunications, financial services, digital marketing, and HR tech industries. Since joining our team in 2021, she has been a breath of fresh air with her get-it-done attitude and a focus on teamwork. In addition, Rhona has a passion for diversity in the tech industry. She believes everyone who wants a spot in the tech industry deserves a shot. She devotes a lot of personal time to helping members of typically underrepresented groups land jobs that they love and has a personal goal of helping 1,000 people.

“The fact that BlueModus values transparency, collaboration, and hard work drew me in immediately. The team’s passion for helping their clients and how much they care about each other were apparent from my very first conversation. I choose BlueModus because of its three-legged approach to client relationships. Everyone brings a different perspective to the table, and leveraging that is a genius approach if you ask me.” - Rhona

Robert Tyska

Solution Lead

Portland, OR

With a strong background in API integration, CRM implementation, and CMS and e-commerce customization, Robert has spent the better part of the last decade working across the full stack. He came to BlueModus in 2019, and his primary focus is leading a team of technologists dedicated to delivering web development and strategic solutions to our customers. When Robert is not working, his favorite is skiing up on Mt. Hood in Portland, OR. He is an outdoor enthusiast who loves skiing (he wanted it mentioned several times), mountain biking, hiking, camping, and kayaking. Robert also has a passion for making electronic music that no one in their right mind would ever want to listen to and going to see second-run movies in any of Portland’s awesome old theaters.

“I’m super excited about BlueModus’ recent growth, culture, and dedication to finding the right clients and keeping them happy. I enjoy being a contributing member to an awesome team that I continue to learn from.” – Robert

Sandro Jankovic

Development Director

Seattle, WA

Sandro has been working in technology for as long as he can remember and has been building websites since he could hold a mouse. Sandro has nearly 15 years of experience in the web development field - starting as a Photoshop designer and progressing into .NET back-end development. Since joining BlueModus in 2017 as a Senior Web Developer, Sandro’s passion for new technologies was evident. As a result, he now possesses more technology and platform certifications than anyone in our company. Today, he leads one of our technical teams focused on providing web development, website enhancements, platform upgrades, and technical consulting to our clients. You will find Sandro playing video games, watching a movie with his wife, or chasing after his kids when not working.

“I work in Photoshop out of boredom, parse logs for breakfast, eat PR’s for lunch, and optimize queries for dinner. I consider the keyboard an extension of my body and the computer chair my main mode of transportation. Like many IT professionals, I tend to be pretty quiet and withdrawn, but don’t get me talking about Crypto, Blockchain, or Web development, because there is no ‘off’ switch.” - Sandro

Scott Davignon

Senior Web Developer

Pueblo, CO

Scott is known as a resourceful problem solver with over 20 years of experience in full-stack development. He has written custom CMS websites for fortune 100 companies, worked on mission-critical software for telecommunications and many other industries. Scott joined BlueModus in 2021 and immediately jumped into his team and contributing code to client projects. When Scott isn’t working, he’s tending to chickens and ducks, gardening, tinkering with electronics, or writing music on the keyboard.

"I was attracted to BlueModus for the work-life balance and how they genuinely care about their employees." - Scott

Scott Scheider

Solution Lead

Philadelphia, PA

Scott is a software engineer with over 25+ years of experience in a wide range of industries with responsibilities ranging from developer, architect, and development lead. He joined BlueModus in 2022 and continues his primary career focus of delivering solutions utilizing C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. You will find Scott with his wife and three children outside of work. He is also an avid Philly sports fan and enjoys cheering on the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers & Flyers.

“The people are the reason I wanted to join BlueModus. Everyone I interviewed with was genuine and wanted to know more about me, which was refreshing. Additionally, the 3-legged stool approach to managing client engagement intrigued me and seems to highlight the importance of client relations here at BlueModus.” - Scott

Sean Fleming

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Sean joined our team  BlueModus in 2018 and leads a team of developers in building new enterprise-level websites, developing server-side logic, defining and maintaining databases, and ultimately ensuring seamless integration with front-end designs. He has been working with .NET CMS technologies for nearly ten years, specializing in the Sitecore Experience Management System. Outside of work, Sean enjoys playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate competitively, setting up his Smart Home so everything is automated, and playing with his dog, Jester.

“BlueModus is always focusing on expanding and improving their practices and technologies. It’s great to be on that journey alongside intelligent, like-minded individuals.” - Sean

Sean Harlow

Senior QA Engineer

Denver, CO

Sean started his career in IT at Apple, moving to customer support roles before settling into a quality assurance role. He has been a QA professional for several years and has tested websites, content management, and eCommerce systems. He enjoys testing and making sure things are working the way they should. Sean joined our team in 2021. He performs hands-on testing to ensure they deliver high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our clients. When not testing websites, you can find Sean playing with his children, cooking, playing video games, reading, watching movies, or searching for new adventures.

“From day one, BlueModus has been the most welcoming environment. Everyone is helpful, humble, and genuinely caring. I am thrilled to have landed at a place I can learn and grow in my career alongside such amazing people!” - Sean

Shawn Monte

Senior QA Engineer

Columbia, SC

Shawn joined the BlueModus team in 2021 and brought over 15 years of quality assurance experience with him. He has held numerous QA positions from QA Manager to Release Lead Engineer to Automation Engineer in his career. Shawn loves working alongside great teams and finding ways to leverage his diverse experience to help them be more successful. Getting hands-on experience with a ton of different testing tools and technologies over the years has helped Shawn become a self-proclaimed ‘jack of all trades, master of some’ when it comes to delivering quality, client-focused solutions. When he is not testing websites, Shawn loves to spend time with his family and friends outdoors – whether at the lake fishing, sitting on the beach, or in the backyard by a fire.

"The level of importance placed on the people and culture and how that translates into a great company and client experience made me know BlueModus was the place for me." - Shawn

Sheri Foley

Solution Lead

Kansas City, MO

Having worked as a full-stack software engineer for nearly 15 years, Sheri has developed modern front-end frameworks, written back-end Rest APIs, and designed databases for many companies. Sheri is always looking forward to learning new things. She joined our team in 2021, and she works with a team of developers to create technical strategies and architecture for our clients. When not building fantastic tech with our team, you will find Sheri visiting historic touristy sites and embracing her love of history. She also loves going on long, scenic hikes with her family.

“I knew immediately that BlueModus was unique and that I wanted to be part of such a talented group of people. They blend culture and innovation in such a way to encourage positivity and excitement in what we do.” - Sheri

Stacy Crichton

Project Management Lead

Crested Butte, CO

Stacy has over 12 years of experience working in project management and strategic account management within different travel, ski, and hospitality industries. Additionally, she has served as a product owner focused on building internal tooling applications to automate the onboarding process for new email marketing clients. Since joining BlueModus in 2019, Stacy has been the linchpin for her team by removing roadblocks, keeping her team focused on deadlines, and ensuring they are delighting our clients. When she is not on status calls with clients, you will find Stacy enjoying the outdoors with my family, whether camping, biking, or rafting - the adventures are endless!

"I love working in a collaborative environment with a group of smart people who work hard to create lasting relationships and provide clients with quality service and products." - Stacy

Stayce Zamora

Senior Project Manager

Vail, CO

With over 20 years of project and account management experience in telecommunications, recreation, travel & hospitality, financial services, healthcare, and not-for-profit verticals, Stayce is one of those rare super humans who can keep a dozen balls in the air and never drop one. Best of all, she does it with a big smile on her face. This has made her a driving force on our Project Management Team since she joined BlueModus in 2018. While not creating status reports and updating allocations, you will find Stayce trekking near and far to spend time with her grandchildren and family, snuggling up with her giant dog, and dreaming of future part-time van life with her partner.

“I love working with a company that genuinely cares about its employees. I enjoy contributing to and learning from this high-energy team of professionals.” - Stayce

Stephanie Weijers

Senior Project Manager

Austin, TX

Stephanie is a motivated client-facing Project Manager with experience in web content management, search engine optimization (SEO), and web data analytics. In recent years, she has been working with clients in the healthcare and education industry. Since joining our team in 2021, Stephanie has been responsible for planning, managing, and executing client implementation projects and managing ongoing support. She is highly organized and goes above and beyond every day to remove the roadblocks her team is facing. When she is not reviewing Jira tickets, you will find Stephanie hanging out with friends, reading, listening to music, playing video games, and cuddling with her dog, Ace.

“BlueModus presents the opportunity to work with enthusiastic and motivated people who love to teach each other. I am excited to be a part of this team every day!” - Stephanie

Steve Pavilanis

Senior QA Engineer

Denver, CO

Steve likes to break things, which is how he ended up in Quality Assurance. After spending the first 17 years of his career toiling away for large banks, stock exchanges, and utilities, he happily joined BlueModus in 2018. When he’s not finding bugs, he’s usually off playing in the mountains, nerding out over craft beer, and hanging out with his amazing wife and highly entertaining cats.

“BlueModus is the type of place I was looking for my entire career. The people, culture, and technology are world-class, and I’m very thankful I landed here. Also, my cats are awesome (they made me type that).” - Steve

Tiffany Silvera

Project Management Director

Tampa, FL

Tiffany joined our team in 2018 and brought over 15 years of digital marketing and project management experience, delivering interactive solutions ranging from web applications and intranets to full-scale corporate and e-commerce content-managed websites to BlueModus. Today, she leads our Project Management Team and ensures our clients receive excellent service from our Delivery Team. When not wrangling projects at work, you will find Tiffany unwinding – whether it is shopping at Target, running several miles (which she does daily), scrambling to finish her latest book club selection, or spending time with her husband and their little ones.

"The BlueModus team is made up of super smart, dedicated, fun-loving people. Being able to work with such a talented group to deliver solutions for clients that help them achieve their business goals and objectives is a win all around and my definition of a dream job." - Tiffany

Todd Reed

Solution Lead

Denver, CO

Todd joined our team in 2017 and leads a small team of web developers, providing custom solutions for our BlueModus clients. He is a certified Kentico Xperience and Microsoft .NET expert and has built technology solutions for more than 15 years - taking more than 50+ websites from inception to completion. Outside of work, Todd enjoys bike riding, going to concerts, listening to music, eating good food, and building things around his house.

"I like BlueModus because of the collaborative environment and working with people who enjoy what they do. My skills are pushed to new levels while creating excellent web experiences for our clients. Plus, I love building and seeing things come together as a finished product.” - Todd

Tom Falk

Web Development Lead

Chicago, IL

Tom joined our team in 2021 and has over 20 years of experience working with digital agencies, providing technical leadership focusing on CMS, e-learning, and e-commerce integrations. He has taken pride in diving into the requirements of continuous learning initiatives and architecting solutions that preserve the original vision of subject matter experts. With a passion for working closely with all stakeholders in the projects he has led, Tom has made sure expectations are fully met, and the final solution always has room to grow. When he is not working on technology projects, you will find Tom doing outdoor projects, which tend to be much more forgiving (and then celebrating afterward). He also loves playing soccer with his two girls, cooking, grilling, and mixology.

“I love being part of a team of top-notch technologists that quite simply solve any problem using the latest tools.  And then we grow some more.” – Tom

Tom Whittaker

President & COO

Denver, CO

Tom joined the BlueModus team in 2016 and is responsible for the daily operations of BlueModus. He has managed large enterprise websites and webstores for Fortune 500 companies and led Delivery teams at three agencies during his career. Tom was even once a special education teacher. However, Tom’s passion remains steady - building strong, caring teams and creating an inclusive, supportive culture. When not working (which is not often), Tom loves to travel the world with his husband and is an avid pickleball player.

“I have never been around a group of colleagues like we have at BlueModus, who are so willing to help. Whether helping each other or our clients, every colleague is willing to step up and provide guidance, support, and understanding. I feel blessed to be surrounded by this rare blend of compassion and intelligence.” - Tom

Will Fuller

Solution Engineer

Trenton, NJ

Will joined our team in 2018 and helps support our clients’ cloud environments. With 5+years of experience in the IT space, including several years as a systems administrator, Will is part of the fully integrated BlueModus DevOps team that provides automation, deployments, and monitoring services on an ongoing basis. During his free time, Will enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves playing soccer. In addition, he won’t miss a Formula 1 race on TV and is a recreational pilot.

"I love the work culture and atmosphere at BlueModus and am honored to be a part of a group that challenges, motivates, and supports me in growing my tech talent. I am also able to  utilize my skills and knowledge to the utmost core here at BlueModus." - Will

Zach Brickman

Senior Web Developer

Aspen, CO

Zach has nearly twenty years of experience building high-traffic websites for major international ski resorts, real estate agencies, and large e-commerce operations. He joined our team in 2021. Zach brings a positive, creative mindset to BlueModus and gets excited about solving programming problems for our clients.  He loves the mountain lifestyle and enjoys all the outdoor activities it provides, especially skiing and hiking. Zach is also is an avid soccer player, although he claims his knees aren’t quite what they used to be.  When he can’t go outside, you will find him playing guitar or video games with his kids.

“It’s a pleasure to work every day with such an outstanding team.  The focus on quality and value to our clients is second to none, and to have so many experts all working together is a beautiful thing to be a part of.” - Zach

Zeb Lavallee

Senior System Administrator

Denver, CO

Zeb is a results driven systems administrator that has 10+ years’ experience in device management for laptops and mobile devices of all operating systems. He enjoys taking on challenging problems that no one else is willing to fix and create a comprehensive solution. Zeb joined BlueModus in 2021 and was immediately seen as a tremendous asset to the team. When he is not fixing things at BlueModus, you will find Zeb either traveling the country in his motorhome or enjoying the great outdoors by camping, hiking, snowboarding, or gardening. He also enjoys growing hops.

“From day one, BlueModus has shown that they care about their employees. They enable us to do our most creative and best work while having a great culture and work-life balance. This place is the best!” - Zeb



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