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Empowering Content Management: Celebrating Jen Wolke's Insightful Contribution to Skrift Magazine

Jen Wolke, a Solution Lead at BlueModus, recently contributed a thought-provoking article titled "Block Power!" to Skrift Magazine, Issue No 101, published on January 9, 2024 at

In her article, Jen delves into the intricacies of content management systems (CMS), emphasizing their roles in enabling non-technical users to create and manage content quickly and efficiently. Here are some key highlights of Jen Wolke’s article:

  1. Efficiency and Simplicity in CMS: Jen underscores the importance of these two attributes in a CMS, which should facilitate quick and straightforward content management by editors without needing technical assistance.
  2. Eliminating Duplicate Content Entry: She discusses the significance of allowing updates in a single location that can be referenced across multiple site locations. This approach minimizes errors and saves time.
  3. Breaking Content into Logical Blocks: Jen draws a parallel between complex systems in our world and CMS like Umbraco. She suggests breaking content into items, blocks, and pages, which enhances both reusability and simplicity.
  4. Content Organization in Umbraco: The article provides detailed insights into organizing content in Umbraco. She introduces the concept of a “content library” for reusable content and discusses the use of “content blocks” to encapsulate and display content.
  5. Content Placement Techniques: Jen describes two methods available in Umbraco - the Block List and the Block Grid. She elaborates on their utility in creating simple to complex page layouts, thus offering flexibility to content editors.
  6. Practical Implementation: The article includes comprehensive steps and code snippets for implementing these concepts in Umbraco, ranging from creating partial views to configuring document types and data types.
  7. Advantages of Block-Based Content Management: Jen concludes by highlighting the power of blocks in CMS, which can range from simple content segments to intricate grids. She stresses the balance of using this power responsibly to ensure a seamless content editing experience.

Jen Wolke's expertise in .NET architecture and her extensive experience with Umbraco since 2021 shines through in her article. Her approachable writing style, practical examples, and a touch of humor make "Block Power!" an insightful read for anyone interested in content management systems, particularly Umbraco.

At BlueModus, we are thrilled to celebrate Jen's accomplishment. Her expertise not only enhances our team but also contributes significantly to the broader tech community. Her ability to demystify complex CMS concepts and engagingly present them is commendable.

Jen Wolke, a .NET architect, and Umbraco aficionado, has been a pivotal part of BlueModus. Her journey with Umbraco, starting in 2021, has been marked by passion and dedication. This article is a testament to her deep understanding of content management systems and her ability to articulate complex ideas in an accessible way.

We congratulate Jen on her successful publication and look forward to her continued contributions to the tech community. Her work not only elevates our company's expertise but also inspires and educates others in the field.