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What to Expect in Sitefinity 14.0

With the upcoming release of Progress Sitefinity 14, many Sitefinity CMS customers or organizations currently comparing Content Management System (CMS) solutions are curious about what they can expect in the upcoming release.

New Features & Improvements in Sitefinity 14.0 Beta

Service Hooks Module

Sitefinity 14 will expand its integration extensibility by launching a new and expanded Service Hooks Module that will replace the current Webhooks Module.  The new Service Hooks Module will allow easier integrations with 3rd party applications, allowing users to create custom triggers or choose from over 20 template trigger events for easier integration of your data between services. Note: Webhooks will still be available in advanced settings and auto-migrated when Sitefinity customers upgrade to 14.0. More Information: Service Hooks Module.

NativeChat Widget

A new integrated NativeChat Widget will allow Sitefinity users to drag and drop into a page or page template, allowing users to customize a specific chatbot for that page.  More Information: NativeChat Widget

SiteSync Functionality for Content Editors

Content Editors in Sitefinity 14 will now sync single and multiple items/pages in different states, allowing easier content changes regarding typos without the need for administrators.  As well, content editors will be able to sync (in bulk):

  • Unpublished content
  • Scheduled for publish/unpublish content
  • Deleted items
  • Deleted pages

More Information: SiteSync Functionality.

New Authentication Protocols (OpenID, Default, OAuth2.0)

Sitefinity 14 will come with new protocols (OpenID, Default, and OAuth2.0). While part of this change is intended to obsolete SimpleWebToken and improve overall performance & simplicity for developers and users, the inclusion of OAuth2.0 will allow independent, implicit, and resource owner flows for external app authorizations Sitefinity. More Information: Sitefinity 14 Authentication Protocols

Video Views/Attributions & Improved YouTube Tracking

For users on Sitefinity CMS and Insight, video, video gallery, and embedded YouTube interaction tracking and conversion attribution will be included in site content tracking reporting for Sitefinity 14. More Information: Video Attribution & YouTube Interaction Tracking

Redesigned Mobile Preview & Page Template Management

Improvements to the mobile preview functionality in Sitefinity is part of Sitefinity 14, with a complete redesign of the tool and the added ability to preview content on various mobile resolutions.

As well, Sitefinity 14 introduces more feature parity for its page template management, making it easier to filter page template lists, UX improvements to the Page Editor, page, personalization widgets, and a new navigation widget that provides ready-made navigation templates for horizontal, vertical, tabbed and accordion-style navigation widgets.

More Information: Redesigned Mobile Preview & Redesigned Page Template Management

Improved Documentation for Headless API

Lastly, Sitefinity 14 offers new document samples, API references, and API extension procedures in their comprehensive headless documentation, improving their current Headless API documentation. More Information: Headless Documentation in Sitefinity 14.0

If you’d like the complete list of improvements or would like to sign up for the current 2021 closed beta, get more information here. Note: Sitefinity 14 is closed beta for Sitefinity CMS customers and partners through August 16th, 2021. Details of how to request access to the Sitefinity 14.0 beta can be found here.