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Brant Cline Renews Sitefinity Business Consultant Credentials

BlueModus is proud to share that Brant Cline, Vice President of Strategic Solutions, has recently passed the Sitefinity Sales Consultant exam, validating his deep knowledge of the Sitefinity CMS platform and renewing his Sitefinity Business Consultant credentials.

“Understanding how Sitefinity functions for marketers and technologists is so important as a consultant,” says Becki Dilworth, Chief Strategy Officer at BlueModus. “Brant’s deep knowledge of all of the major players in the .NET CMS space really sets him apart in our industry. He knows the features, differentiators, and technical benefits of each, and can help guide our customers to the right solution for them.”

To succeed, test-takers of the Sitefinity Sales Consultant must be highly knowledgeable about a wide selection of Sitefinity-related topics, including understanding Sitefinity CMS and DEC products, key buyer personas and their pain points in relation to these products, and Sitefinity’s primary CMS and digital marketing space competitors. Additionally, they must understand digital marketing concepts as a whole. The secure, online made up of 20 questions must be completed within one hour.

“The range of tools and options available to any prospective customer can be overwhelming,” says Brant. “Aside from being beneficial as a source of education, passing the Sitefinity certification also provides peace of mind and assurances to customers that our experience and understanding is more than just lip service.”

As a certified Sitefinity Partner, BlueModus provides Sitefinity DEC configuration and Sitefinity upgrades and support, and has nearly twenty years of web development experience in the .NET space. To learn more about the Sitefinity Partner practice at BlueModus, visit our partner page.

To learn more about Brant’s background, please check out his profile on the BlueModus website.