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Mike Wills Presents at Kentico Connection 2019 Conference

Earlier this week, Mike Wills, our own Director of Development, had the honor of presenting at this year’s Kentico Connection conference in Denver. The annual Kentico conference brings the Kentico community together to share knowledge, experience, and ideas.

Mike’s session was entitled, “Patterson Companies: Implementing Kentico Headless for an Enterprise-Level Customer,” which he presented along with Jeff Lohman, the Senior Director of Digital Commerce & Marketing at Patterson Companies. In this in-depth case study presentation, attendees learned how Patterson Companies and BlueModus collaborated on this unique Kentico project. As a Fortune 500 company, Patterson had come to BlueModus with a well-established infrastructure and architecture, which created challenges in how new technology could be integrated. Mike and Jeff detailed how BlueModus successfully created a headless architecture to leverage Kentico as a content-as-a-service and marketing platform.

Many other BlueModus colleagues attended the two-day event, including Founder ad CTO Dave Conder, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Becki Dilworth, Vice President of Strategic Solutions Brant Cline, Director of Development Nick Bushnell, and Director of Development Josh Sherman. BlueModus was also a major sponsor of this year’s Kentico Connection conference.

”Kentico continues to refine their focus, ensuring that they’re approaching the right markets with the right technology to deliver value where it’s needed. It’s been exciting to have a front-row seat to the evolution of their vision,” says Brant Cline. “We’ve obviously been fans of the platform for a very long time, but I see it fulfilling the needs of our own customers better than ever moving forward.”

As the top Kentico Solution Partner worldwide, our BlueModus team prioritizes attending and sponsoring events such as this one, which aid our team in remaining at the forefront of everything the Kentico platform has to offer.

To find out more on BlueModus Kentico practice, please visit our website. Or to learn more about the Kentico platform, click here.