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Lead with your Content, Not with your Code

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Web content management has seen the rise of some changes in the last several years that offer exciting prospects for the future of digital marketing, but are major shifts in thinking from where you may have thought the industry was going just a few years ago. While all these changes may have started at different times and gained momentum at different rates, they’ve all begun to gain mainstream acceptance and/or become industry best practices around the same time.

Since most organizations go three to five years between major initiatives around their websites, companies that are considering a new platform upgrade or redesign right now are being confronted with terms and trends that weren’t even on the radar the last time they revamped their website. In particular they are probably hearing about:

  • Content Modeling/ Content First
  • Headless CMS Architecture
  • .NET MVC Development Model

So What’s the Difference?

All these trending concepts share similarities that can make some wonder if they’re just different names for the same thing. It’s useful to understand that while they may interact with one another, they’re also each very distinct ideas. As a start, here’s a definition for each of these terms:

  • Content-First/Content Modeling
    This has been a growing trend for quite some time and has become very prominent in the last couple of years

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