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NopCommerce: A Strong Choice for .Net eCommerce

With a host of eCommerce solutions available, BlueModus understands the inherent complexities businesses face with eCommerce implementations - complicated catalogs, advanced promotion capabilities, multiple warehouse management, and more. However, cutting through the noise to find an eCommerce solution that not only fits your technology stack but is both future-proof and flexible enough to power a client’s eCommerce needs is an incredible challenge.

With our lengthy background in .Net development and our desire to always recommend the best solutions for our clients, nopCommerce has proven to be one of the top eCommerce solutions out there.  As a nopCommerce Gold Partner, we’ve seen firsthand the impact it can have on surpassing the eCommerce needs of our clients, powering some of the most challenging B2B and B2C implementations we’ve tackled.

Why We Like NopCommerce for .Net eCommerce

While nopCommerce already details all the advantages of their eCommerce platform, we’ve boiled down the primary reasons we’ve time and again relied on nopCommerce to be one of our preferred platforms when tasked with safeguarding our clients’ eCommerce strategies.

Open Source

Finding a powerful eCommerce platform that is also budget-friendly translates into an incredibly flexible eCommerce solution for clients regardless of budget.  Supported by a professional team of software engineers, QA, and customer support, nopCommerce offers all the strengths of an open-source platform backed and maintained by the support and product development you’d expect from a world-class eCommerce platform. 

  • No licensing costs.
  • Flexible architecture provides an extensible eCommerce platform based on .NET Core
  • Easy integrations with existing CMS solutions.
  • Professional customer support and product updates.

GDPR and PCI Compliant

As the online marketplace continues to mature, security and data privacy are as critical as ever, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Unfortunately, the ability to provide a powerful eCommerce platform that meets all our clients’ security and compliance needs, their users, and our standards at BlueModus is rare.  

  • Ongoing GDPR support.
  • PCI DSS compliance with 50+ integrated payment methods.
  • Built-in security backed by the ASP.NET Core framework
  • SSL, Honeypot, and powerful password policy options.

Mobile Ready User Experience and SEO Out-of-the-Box

A front-end focused on a mobile-first user experience needs an eCommerce solution that puts mobile commerce at the forefront of its platform.  With over half of all eCommerce shopping from a mobile device and the mobile experience at the forefront of SEO, nopCommerce’s mobile commerce focus ensures our mobile-first approach to user experience is backed by an eCommerce platform that takes mobile users and SEO seriously.

  • Mobile responsive storefront and shopping cart out-of-the-box
  • Feature-rich, mobile-SEO friendly storefronts
  • SEO friendly URLs (product pages, custom URLs, Localization for cultures/languages, canonicalization)
  • Rich Snippet, Twitter, and Opengraph support using microdata

Integrations backed by a powerful API and Extensions

As tech stacks continue to grow, ensuring your eCommerce platform can keep up with a growing list of integrated systems is vital. NopCommerce offers the flexibility of an official API, out-of-the-box integrations, and a growing list of extensions and themes available on their marketplace.

Powerful eCommerce Features with Built-in Loyalty & Promotional Tools

A full-featured and maintained eCommerce platform lets our clients feel confident that their shopping cart can grow alongside their evolving digital strategy. NopCommerce offers not only the standard features you’d expect in an eCommerce platform but a host of powerful marketing features to ensure your eCommerce strategy can grow with your business.  While nopCommerce offers a comprehensive list of every feature, some of the most popular are:

Multiple Stores & Vendors using a Singular Admin

Last but not least, nopCommerce’s most powerful feature is that it’s built to scale, allowing businesses to manage multiple storefronts and multiple vendors using a particular admin portal. 

  • Merge products from multiple independent vendors within the same catalog
  • Customers can shop using a singular user experience regardless of your vendor make-up
  • Drop shipping support allows you to be efficient with inventory control and shipping                                                                                                
  • Create individual payments, products, categories, and more per store from the same admin