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Kate Kunert Re-Certifies on Kentico Kontent Business Qualification

Congratulations to BlueModus Senior Director of Strategic Solutions, Kate Kunert, who recently passed Kentico Kontent’s Business Qualification certification. This certification is valid for one year and Kate previously earned this certification in December 2019.

Kentico Kontent is Kentico Software’s cloud-based content management platform that streamlines content production and delivery while offering developers all the benefits of a headless CMS.

“Expertise across the Content Management space is so critical for our strategic director team,” says Becki Dilworth, BlueModus Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Kate is a constant leader here – ensuring she can uncover and craft the right solution for our customers – her deep knowledge really sets her apart.”

The Kentico Kontent’s Business Qualification exam is a secure, online exam comprised of 20 questions that must be completed within 30 minutes. To pass, a technologist needs not only knowledge of Kontent’s features and functionality, but also understanding the value proposition of the headless CMS solution. The exam focuses on topics and skills such as:

  • Subscription management and pricing
  • General product knowledge and terminology
  • Collaboration and content publishing
  • Technology and integrations

“Kentico Kontent is an awesome content solution as an alternative to Xperience for the right situation and digital strategy – I appreciate the information Kentico provides so that I may work with clients to find the right solution for their needs,”  says Kate.  

Additionally, Kate holds certification in Kentico’s sister product, Kentico Xperience.

BlueModus is one of the largest implementers of Kentico Kontent worldwide and remains very proud of the number of certified Kentico professionals on the team. With the inclusion of Kate and this re-certification, we employ 31 colleagues with Kentico Kontent Business Qualification and additionally, 13 colleagues who are certified Kentico Kontent Developers.

Interested in learning more about BlueModus’ experience building client websites and intranets on Kentico Kontent? Visit our Kentico Kontent Partner webpage or check out some of our case studies detailing our recent client projects.