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Jennifer Jelsma Adds Kentico Marketer Certification

Congratulations to Jennifer Jelsma, Senior Project Manager at BlueModus, who has recently passed the Kentico 12 Certified Marketer Exam which have earned her the credentials of Kentico Certified Marketer. By passing this test, Jennifer showed both her practical experience using the product and her deep knowledge of Kentico’s functionality and features.

“As Kentico is one of the key platforms used at BlueModus, it is paramount to the success of our project managers to have a deeper understanding of its capabilities and limitations. By prioritizing and procuring the Kentico Marketer certification, Jen now has even more knowledge and tools in her arsenal to continue providing thought leadership and value to our clients,” says Katie Tabler, Project Management Lead at BlueModus.

A secure, online 90-minute test consisting of 50 multiple choice questions, the Kentico 12 Certified Marketer Exam focuses on a broad variety of marketing topics. Test-takers must understand content optimization using both A/B and MVT testing, marketing automation, content marketing, campaigns, email marketing, contact management and activity tracking, web analytics, content personalization, conversions, contact segmentation (such as contact groups, personas, and scoring), pay-per-click, and search engine optimization.

“It is always rewarding to learn something new, but it is especially rewarding in this case since Kentico is so integrated into what we do here at BlueModus,” notes Jennifer. “By applying what I learned through this certification, I feel confident in my ability to provide my clients proper insight and support on this platform that they use day in and day out.”

As the #1 Global Solution Partner for Kentico, BlueModus continues to have a majority of its colleagues certified on the Kentico platform. At present, including Jennifer, the company has 38 Kentico Certified Marketers and 48 Kentico Certified Developers on staff. BlueModus also maintains the status of Kentico Quality Expert.

To find out more about Jennifer’s expertise, please check out her BlueModus profile. Or to find out more about the Kentico’s Certified Marketer exam, visit Kentico’s website here.