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Five Signs it's time for a CMS Change

It's never a bad time to look ahead to evaluate your company's digital needs for next year…and beyond. As you do so, one key question to ask yourself: "Am I happy with the Content Management System we're currently running? Or is it time to consider a major change?"

If you're not sure, here are 5 definite signs that it's time to relegate your current CMS to the scrap heap in order to get a fresh start:

1. Too much is out of your control
Are you able to post your own new website content easily? Or must you rely on someone technical to do it for you? Are there quick fixes and updates you know you could take care of…if only you had access?

2. It provides lousy analytics, at best.
Does your CMS provide you metrics you really need? Not just basic traffic statistics, but the data you need to fully understand your customers and determine the effectiveness of your content?

3. Collaboration nightmares abound.
How well are user settings, permission levels, and content types configured? Do your website team and internal stakeholders constantly struggle with managing approvals and sharing content? Is it a constant challenge to ensure that each user has the correct access level for their position?

4. It's not really do-it-yourself.
Some CMS platforms may advertise themselves as 'do-it-yourself'…but is it ever really that easy? Are you installing and updating so many plug-ins that they inevitably conflict with each other? Do you sometimes feel like you need to become a programmer just to make your site perform how you need it to? 

5. It's just not that intuitive.
Is ease-of-use a major problem? Do you and your team know how to use all the tools your CMS provides, or are they so complex that you've just given up?


For those nodding their heads in agreement at the list above (or banging them against the desk in frustration), now is definitely the time to re-evaluate your platform.

To provide guidance on where to start with this process, BlueModus'  whitepaper, "Comparing Kentico, Sitecore and Sitefinity CMS Platforms—How Do You Choose?" is a valuable resource. It provides a clear side-by-side comparison of three excellent platforms, all on Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

To get a jump on migrating to a new and better CMS, you can download the free whitepaper here.

Have further questions on what platform might be the right fit for your organization? Our BlueModus technology experts would be happy to consult with you. Contact us today to get started.