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Dave Conder Re-Certifies as Kentico Developer

Congratulations to Dave Conder, BlueModus Founder and Chief Technology Officer, who has recently passed his Kentico Certified Developer Exam. Dave achieved re-certification on Version 11, the most recent version of the platform.

“I am proud to see Dave leading from the front and achieving certification on Kentico 11,” says Marc Maassen, BlueModus President and Chief Executive Officer. “A majority of our clients use Kentico’s all-in-one content management system, e-commerce, and online marketing platform, so it is important our technical team stay current with their certifications to ensure we are driving and implementing the latest features and functionality.”

The Kentico 11 Certified Developer Exam is a secure, online exam made up of 50 questions that must be completed within 90 minutes. Passing the test requires not only strong technical knowledge of Kentico’s features and functionality, but also a demonstration of practical experience and a high-level familiarity in using the product. From a high-level perspective, test-takers must understand many topics, including designing, developing, and maintaining Kentico websites, ASP.NET development, using the MS SQL database management language, and creating data-driven web user interfaces.

“As the #1 Kentico Solution Partner in the world, it is crucial for all our technical employees at BlueModus to stay on top of changes in the Kentico platform. This helps to ensure our clients are receiving the high value and thought leadership from BlueModus that they expect,” says Dave, “Version 11 brought enhancements to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a very important topic for our clients and for in-flight development.”

BlueModus is currently the home to 19 Kentico Certified Developers, as well as 11 Kentico Certified Marketers, and is proud to also boast its status as the first Solution Partner to earn the Kentico Quality Expert certification.

To learn more about Dave, please check out his LinkedIn profile. To find out more about how to prepare for Developer Certification on Kentico 11, click here to read Kentico’s Preparation Guide.