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Dave Conder Becomes Kentico Cloud Certified Developer

Congratulations to BlueModus CTO and Founder Dave Conder, on recently passing his Kentico Cloud Certified Developer Exam to become Kentico Cloud Certified. This newly created certification, intended for developers that create and maintain Kentico Cloud projects, helps validate Dave’s deep experience and technical talent with Kentico’s headless platform.

“Kentico Cloud addresses our clients’ needs for a robust ‘content-as-a-service’ offering, while also extending their investments in existing CMS systems,” shares BlueModus President Marc Maassen. “As our team continues to deepen its expertise with Kentico Cloud, it allows us to remain at the forefront of unique cloud-based content solutions.”

A free online test, the Kentico Cloud Developer Certification exam consists of 40 questions to be completed in 40 minutes. To pass the test, Dave demonstrated his practical understating of using Kentico Cloud in common scenarios, as well as his familiarity with topics such as platform architecture, collaboration, headless terminology, projects, features and infrastructure, APIs, boilerplates, SDKs, sample apps, static-site generators, content modeling, and subscriptions.

“Kentico Cloud is an important platform for BlueModus and our clients,” says Dave. “Its ability to deliver enterprise-level, multi-channel content enables us to create world-class solutions. I’ve been working with the platform for several years now, and getting certified helps us make sure we fully understand its features and capabilities.”

BlueModus, the #1 Kentico Solution Partner in the world, prioritizes the certification of its colleagues on the Kentico platform. Including Dave, BlueModus currently claims 39 Kentico Certified Developers, 20 Kentico Certified Marketers, and 2 Kentico Cloud Certified Developers. 

To learn more about Dave’s background, please visit his profile on the BlueModus website. If you are interested in becoming certified on Kentico Cloud, visit Kentico’s Cloud Certified Developer Exam page.