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Carlos Orozco Demonstrates Expertise of Kentico Marketing

Congratulations to Carlos Orozco, Senior Project Manager at BlueModus, on recently passing his Kentico 12 Certified Marketer Exam, which has earned him the credentials of a Kentico Certified Marketer. In order to achieve this accreditation, Carlos needed to demonstrate his practical experience using the product as well as his deep knowledge of the platform’s features and functionality.

"Getting my certification is already helping me better understand the gap between client business needs and Kentico solutions, allowing me to provide more immediate value to our clients,” says Carlos.

A 90-minute secure online exam, the Kentico 12 Certified Marketer Exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions that focus on a multitude of topics. To be successful, test takers must understand contact segmentation (such as contact groups, personas, and scoring), contact management and activity tracking, conversions, campaigns, content optimization using both A/B and MVT testing, email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content marketing, marketing automation, web analytics, and content personalization.

“Now that Carlos has achieved his Kentico Marketing certification, he is even more well equipped to guide our clients and the BlueModus team on their Kentico journey,” notes Jesse Hormachea, Senior Director of Delivery at BlueModus. “He has worked hard over the last year to gather the knowledge required and is already bringing increased value to his projects.”

BlueModus, as the top global Kentico Solution Partner, makes it a consistent priority for the majority of its colleagues to be certified on the Kentico platform. At present including Carlos, there are 25 Kentico Certified Marketers and 42 Kentico Certified Developers on the BlueModus staff.

To learn more about what it takes to become Kentico Marketer Certified, please visit Kentico's training page. Or to find out about Carlos’s background, you can read his profile on the BlueModus website.