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Truliant Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

BlueModus is excited to announce the launch of the new Truliant Federal Credit Union website – The redesigned site led with a mobile-first design approach and was launched on the Kentico Xperience platform.

“This website has the right amount of innovation to move visitors on a path that meets their needs and keeps them coming back,” said Rik Kielbasa, Chief Digital Officer in a recent press release. “Especially during this time, we know consumers are engaging more online. We’ve seen a significant lift in digital engagement. We started this project well before the pandemic, but we know that direct-to-consumer digital platforms carry more weight now in allowing members to accomplish what they want.”

The mobile-first design approach, in particular, was critical for Truliant’s member-base, which leverages their mobile devices to complete tasks ranging from logging into online banking to scheduling appointments and making payments.

“Though increasingly all of our clients see the need to incorporate mobile heavily into their digital strategy – Truliant is one of the few that prioritized the mobile website. It translated into a simplified architecture that almost feels like an app,” Meredith Perkins, Director of Strategic Solutions said. “Truliant is so focused on their members and delivering experiences that improve their daily lives. It was so impressive to see them push the boundaries here to always prioritize their members’ needs.”

In addition to the mobile-first design, the site also boasts integrations powering calculators, a powerful search-based FAQ and simplified rates management. 

About Truliant Federal Credit Union

 Truliant is a mission-driven, not-for-profit financial institution that promises to always have its member-owners’ best interest at heart. It improves lives by providing financial guidance and affordable financial services. Truliant was chartered in 1952 and now serves 260,000+ members. Truliant has more than 30 Member Financial Centers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.