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BlueModus Earns Kentico Xperience’s Intranet Competency

Recently, BlueModus was awarded Kentico Xperience’s Intranet Competency. The five Kentico Xperience Competencies are designed as a way for Gold Solution Partners, like BlueModus, to highlight our expertise in a specific type of web project and show our strengths publicly. We are very honored to have received this achievement with Kentico once again, as these competencies must be renewed by Gold Solution Partners every two years. BlueModus is proud to have earned this achievement every two years since launched by Kentico.

“Building and managing Intranet sites are similar to our public facing sites but they have their own unique aspects as well. The largest difference to keep in mind is really the User/Audience of the intranet which is the people of the client you are working with. It is of the utmost importance to represent our clients holistically and to understand who they are when working on their Intranets, it is truly who our clients are,” says BlueModus Director of Strategic Solutions Meredith Perkins.

The Intranet Competency recognition is based on Kentico’s review of actual client intranets built or maintained by BlueModus that are powered by the Kentico Xperience platform. Additionally, it demonstrates our teams proven mastery in the implementation of Kentico Xperience’s Intranet features, which include file sharing capabilities, contribution spaces like WIKI and forums), public announcements capabilities for blogs, articles, and FAQs, Microsoft SharePoint integrations, and document management and sharing.

Additional requirements for this competency include:

  1. Kentico Xperience Gold Partner in good standing.
  2. Two Kentico Certified Developers on our team.
  3. Two intranet implementations powered by Kentico Experience.
  4. One customer success story focusing on Kentico Xperience’s Intranet capabilities.

BlueModus has extensive experience in several intranet solutions, including Kentico Xperience. If you are researching building a digital workplace solution for your company, check out our Intranet Buying Guide - it is a great resource that compares several leading intranet solutions and helps you compare out-of-the-box features, level of extensibility and content management capabilities.