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BlueModus Colleagues Demonstrate Kentico Kontent Developer Expertise

Congratulations to three of our BlueModus technologists, who have each recently passed the Kentico Kontent Certified Developer Exam, in order to become certified in Kentico’s flexible Content-as-a-Service solution. This certification, intended for developers that create and maintain projects using the Kentico Kontent platform, helps validate our team’s technical talent and deep expertise with Kentico products.

Colleagues who have recently earned this certification include Solution Lead John Fager, Senior Solutions Engineer Andrew Coats, and Director of Development Mike Wills.

“Kentico Kontent has a fast, intuitive interface that content editors can quickly learn and launch into production.  The strong open-source tools that support a multitude of languages and frameworks dramatically shorten the timeline and investment necessary to implement a headless content management system,” shares John. “The team at Kentico Kontent has worked hard to deliver a very high-quality product!”

The Kentico Kontent Developer Certification exam consists of 40 questions to be completed in 40 minutes. To pass, test-takers must demonstrate their practical understating of using Kentico Kontent in common scenarios, as well as familiarity with topics such as platform architecture, headless terminology, projects, features and infrastructure, SDKs, sample apps, collaboration, APIs, boilerplates, static-site generators, subscriptions and content modeling.

“For clients that require a hosted headless CMS and want a wide variety of client frameworks, Kentico Kontent is quite compelling,” says Andrew. “The documentation and examples make it easy to get up and running quickly.”

BlueModus, as the top global Kentico Solution Partner, prioritizes the certification of its colleagues on all of Kentico’s products. In addition to 19 Kentico Kontent Certified Developers, BlueModus can also proudly claim 39 colleagues certified on Kentico Kontent Business among its ranks.

To learn more about our team of Kentico experts, please visit the Who We Are page on the BlueModus website. Or, if you are interested in becoming certified, visit the Kentico Kontent Developer Certification page here.