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SmartMove Project Earns Kentico Site of the Month Recognition

BlueModus is proud to announce that our Kentico project for SmartMove ( was the recipient of a Top 10 Kentico Website award for March 2019.

The project involved code clean-up and modernization of the original Kentico 8 implementation done by BlueModus more than six years ago, as well as incorporating SmartMove’s new branding and design. The end result has been a high availability site that also provides a best in class environment, multi-lingual functionality, automated testing, and more. Using Kentico’s intuitive content management interface, the content editing team can now keep site content updated much more easily. 

SmartMove has been very pleased with their Kentico website. Website traffic improved significantly with the new site launch. As a site that supports over 1.5 million referral transactions per month, these increases result in substantial increase in lead revenue for SmartMove. Additionally, as part of the new site architecture, a reduced number of pages are needed for lookups, allowing users to get the info they need with fewer clicks.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Kentico for websites like SmartMove,” says Nick Bushnell, BlueModus Director of Development. “It’s always a wonderful validation of the high level of technical expertise, collaboration, and creativity that we put into development projects like this one.”

To discover more about this project, along with finding out about the other monthly Kentico Site of the Month winners, click here.

About BlueModus

Based in Denver, Colorado, BlueModus provides technology solutions and support services that are focused on communicating effectively with businesses, consumers and stakeholders. With 18 years of experience and thousands of online marketing projects under our belts, and as the #1 Solution Provider of Kentico worldwide, we are a team of top-flight developers focused on delivering to scale with the agility of a smaller team.

About Kentico

Kentico’s products include Kentico EMS, the all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, and Kentico Cloud, the comprehensive cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform. Kentico EMS allows users to manage contacts and campaigns, track customer journeys, provide global e-commerce functionality, and measure and analyze the results to create and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment.