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Nathan Proper Earns Kentico’s Marketing Certification

Congratulations to BlueModus Senior Web Developer Nathan Proper, who recently passed the Kentico Xperience Marketer certification exam. Xperience is Kentico’s digital experience platform, which provides content management, digital marketing, and commerce tools in a single .NET MVC solution for powering websites, intranets, and webstores.

“I have seen glimpses of Kentico’s marketing features before, but this certification gave me a much fuller understanding of how it all fits together into a remarkably powerful tool. I look forward to helping our clients leverage Kentico’s marketing and communication capabilities,” says Nathan.

The Kentico Xperience Certified Marketer Exam is a secure online exam that comprises 50 questions completed within 90 minutes. A marketer needs knowledge of Xperience’s features and functionality and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding and in-depth knowledge of defining and running practical marketing activities using Xperience’s digital marketing tools. This exam tests the ability to select, define, run, and maintain a successful digital marketing campaign. Besides Xperience’s features, the exam covers various digital marketing topics, including content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

“Nathan’s technical ability combined with the knowledge gained from this certificate will lead to solutions for clients that are not only technically sound but make a real positive impact on business objectives,” says BlueModus’ Development Director Dave Bromeland.

BlueModus, as the #1 Kentico Solution Partner worldwide, remains very proud of the number of certified Kentico professionals on the team. With the inclusion of Nathan and this certification, we employ 81 Kentico Certified Marketers and 48 Kentico Certified Developers – the most of any Kentico Solution Partner.

Interested in learning more about BlueModus’ experience building client websites and intranets on Kentico? Visit our Kentico Partner webpage or check out some of our Case Studies, as we are incredibly proud of our client projects.