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Eliot Lee Adds Kentico Marketer Certification

We extend our warmest congratulations to our colleague, Eliot Lee, whose accomplishment in passing the Kentico Marketer certification exam is a testament to his dedication and hard work since joining BlueModus earlier this year. As a seasoned Senior Project Manager, Eliot is at the helm of one of our project teams, bringing invaluable leadership and expertise. Given the widespread adoption of Kentico as a leading content management system (CMS) among our clients, Eliot’s successful certification bolsters his ability to provide unparalleled support and service to our clientele.

Brian Hecimovich, our Managing Director at BlueModus, aptly underscores the significance of Kentico’s expertise, stating, “A strong understanding of Kentico is pivotal in ensuring our clients’ success. Eliot’s prioritization in obtaining this certification highlights his dedication to supporting his clients.”

Kentico, a sophisticated .NET MVC solution, seamlessly converges content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce tools, empowering websites, intranets, and webstores with comprehensive features. The Kentico Certified Marketer Exam, comprising a judicious 50 questions, must be completed within 90 minutes. Candidates are evaluated not only on their grasp of digital marketing facets such as content creation, pay-per-click advertising, email campaigns, and search engine optimization but also on their adeptness in harnessing Kentico’s multifaceted capabilities.

Eliot’s insights into the Kentico certification illuminate the significance: “Having witnessed the central role CMS platforms, like Kentico, play in the online presence of our clients, delving into Kentico’s offerings was truly exciting. Emerging from the training and certification process, I was deeply impressed by the platform’s versatile and comprehensive feature set.”

BlueModus is the preeminent Kentico Implementation Partner globally, boasting an impressive roster of 79 Kentico Certified Marketers and 53 Kentico Certified Developers—a remarkable achievement within the Kentico Partner landscape. This wealth of certified Kentico experts is a source of immense pride. To gain deeper insights into our accomplishments, explore our diverse case studies or visit our dedicated Kentico Partner webpage, offering details on our proficiency in crafting exceptional client websites using Kentico. We ardently welcome discussions about Kentico; don’t hesitate to contact us via or connect at 303.759.2100.