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Dave Conder Certifies on Kentico Kontent

Congratulations to our Founder & CTO Dave Conder, who recently became re-certified as a Kentico Kontent Developer.  This certification is intended for developers that create and maintain projects using Kentico’s flexible Content-as-a-Service solution, Kentico Kontent, and helps validate an individual’s technical talent and deep expertise in the platform. Dave was originally certified on the platform in 2019.

"It has been exciting to see the release of new features for Kentico Kontent these past few years. Kontent has evolved from a headless CMS to become a full-fledged content as a service platform, “says Dave Conder. “The release of Collections and Web Spotlight in recent months were huge strides in the overall experience of Kentico Kontent helping lift the platform to a level where it now easily competes with traditional monolithic solutions.”

The Kentico Kontent Developer Certification exam consists of 40 questions to be completed in 40 minutes. To pass, test-takers must demonstrate their practical understating of using Kentico Kontent in common scenarios, as well as familiarity with topics such as platform architecture, headless terminology, projects, features and infrastructure, SDKs, sample apps, collaboration, APIs, boilerplates, static-site generators, subscriptions, and content modeling.

“Dave loves technology, so is no surprise that he renewed his Kontent certification. What I appreciate most about Dave though is even as CTO he leads by example and digs deep into every platform that we implement for clients to actively solution, code, and to be certified. This not often something you see from most CTOs,” Tom Whittaker, BlueModus’ President and Chief Operating Officer explains.

BlueModus, as the top global Kentico Solution Partner, prioritizes the certification of its colleagues on all Kentico’s products. In addition to Sean, BlueModus employs 19 Kentico Kontent Certified Developers, as well as 43 colleagues certified on Kentico Kontent Business.