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Brant Cline Earns Contentstack’s Sales Essentials Certification

Congratulations to BlueModus Vice President of Strategic Solutions, Brant Cline, who recently earned his Contentstack Sales Essentials Certification. This certification is designed for technologists who craft solutions using Contentstack’s headless content management system (CMS).  To pass the Contentstack Sales Essentials Certification, individuals must review a series of online training videos and materials and then pass an online exam, including multiple choice and essay questions, focused on Contentstack’s features, benefits, user-interface, and recommended content modeling.

“Contentstack and other headless content platforms represent a fundamental shift in how we think about our content, as well as our roles as marketers,” adds Brant. “This course helps sharpen the focus on how Contentstack delivers on that value, and really aligns the message with the larger strategic shifts in the industry. This fits perfectly with the thoughtful and consultative approach that BlueModus takes with our own prospects and clients.”

In addition to this new certification, Brant also holds platform certifications for Kentico Kontent, Kentico Xperience and Sitefinity. You can visit Brant’s profile to learn more about his experience at BlueModus.

Understanding the fundamentals of the Contentstack platform is so critical for our customers,” Becki Dilworth, Chief Strategy Officer, said. “Brant’s ability to develop solutions that really leverage the strengths of Contentstack set him apart as a strategic partner.”

As a Contentstack Implementation Partner, BlueModus continues to prioritize the certification of our technical team on Contentstack and implement Contentstack’s headless CMS for our clients. To learn more about Contentstack’s headless CMS download the Ultimate Guide to CMS, which compares the architectures and differences between a headless CMS, a decoupled CMS and a traditional CMS.