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BlueModus Partners with Employee Experience Platform Akumina

BlueModus is pleased to announce our new technology partnership with Akumina, the employee experience platform (EXP) that powers personalized digital employee experiences.

Through implementing Akumina EXP technology, BlueModus will be able to build customizable front end experiences that connect to the back end of our customers’ content management systems. The Akumina platform empowers enterprises to agnostically manage content storage, without having to duplicate content, while also providing configurable tools to create modern intranet designs.

“Content is the heart of every business and the ability to remove outdated information or avoid redundancy is a chief concern for our customers,” says BlueModus founder and CTO Dave Conder. “With Akumina, we’re able to give our customers a customized content-agnostic digital workspace that eliminates tedious back-end management requirements that inhibit dynamic user experiences.”

BlueModus customers looking to align their content management strategy with internal business processes will be able to leverage Akumina’s decoupled architecture to connect content, business logic, and rules that don’t require developer expertise to implement, manage, or run. This will not only remove existing hurdles from internal content creators, it will also permit organizations to refocus IT team resources elsewhere as needed.

Interested in learning more about our partnership with Akumina? Please visit our partner page or the Akumina website to discover the benefits of the Employee Experience Platform.