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Three Reasons You Don't Want a Data Warehouse

The data warehouse. It used to be the gold standard for business intelligence. Simply take the data from all of your sources, merge and normalize it, and put a suite of powerful analytics tools on top of it in order to drive your business forward. Five or ten years ago, this was a necessity for a true 360° view of a business. However today, a data warehouse is probably a waste of time and money for your business, for three very important reasons:


A data warehousing project for a medium-sized business can easily cost hundreds of thousands (if not into the millions) of dollars, and take more than a year to develop. A lot can change in that year, too.


If you want to add a data source, or correct an error in an earlier data import, doing so can become a significant amount of effort. For marketers especially, it’s vital to have access to a wide array of tools in order to keep up with new media and channels.


An effective data warehouse is built on a foundation of solid technology, a well-planned data architecture, and a robust suite of analytical tools. Which is to say: it requires a real expert to access and modify. Can you really afford the time to wait for a consultant to build a new report, or add a brand new field that you can query against?

What’s the alternative? Is there really a superior solution that will allow you to fully understand your business faster, cheaper, and all-around better? Well...that’s the next post, so stay tuned to find out.

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