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Highlights of Sitefinity 10

Sitefinity is a platform known for its ease of use, and with each new release, additional features are added to enhance the quality of the product for marketers and developers alike. With version 10.2 having just been released this week, here is a high-level look at some of the latest enhancements within the platform:


Site Shield allows a website to remain invite-only while under development. Only invited users can view the secured under-construction website. This protects the information on the under-construction website, minimizes cyberattack risk, and avoids the problem of accidental search indexing.

Sitefinity 10 has an extremely useful import/export feature which allows content from one instance to be exported, so it can then be imported into another.

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud provides Persona Scoring improvements by now attributing all user visits under a given section of a website to any defined Persona profile. This allows marketers to more easily target experiences to whatever unique Personas they have defined. Marketing features of 10.0 also include improvements in Lead Scoring, Multisite Data Tracking and MVC-Based Widget Tracking.

By allowing third-party user authentication, users of 10.0 can log in using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google credentials, (as well as many other popular providers), providing a far more hassle-free user experience.

OpenID Connect allows all types of clients to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users, a benefit for security, flexibility, and ease of deployment.


A new Connector for Oracle Eloqua allows for creation and configuration of online forms that will send data to Eloqua as well as trigger automated workflows. Marketers can reuse the same form across hundreds of campaigns through simply changing the ID for each campaign.

The Sitefinity AMP module allows for the automatic generation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), web pages designed according to an open source specification, and once validated, are cached for faster access. This significantly decreases page open time and improves SEO ranking.

Version 10.1 is also chock-full of personalization features, including:

  • Automated Personalization Reports: Once a new personalized page or widget is created in the CMS, a related report is automatically generated, once a baseline of statistics has been gathered.
  • Integrated Personalization Reporting: Links integrated in the CMS pages grid allow for easier analysis and adjustment of personalized content. 
  • Personalizable Content Lists: Content items such as blogs, news, events and lists can now be personalized.
  • Personalization for Web Lead Nurturing: Marketers can configure behavior-based lead scoring personalization in order to target based on engagement level while users are still browsing the site.


Having been freshly released this week, 10.2 promises to bring even more new features to the platform, including:

  • A/B Testing Capabilities: This out-of-the-box functionality will offer the ability to set up, monitor and measure A/B experiments throughout your site.
  • Explicit Tracking Consent: A new setting will allow you to stop web tracking and collecting statistical data for visitors who did not provide consent.
  • Optimization and Dynamic Compilation of Pages and Templates: This performance upgrade will result in an up to five times faster page load.
  • SEO Fields for MVC: Meta title and description fields will be made available in the MVC

The above list is by no means comprehensive, which means that upgrading to Sitefinity 10 has an even longer list of benefits and features. BlueModus, as a Certified Sitefinity Partner, can help you evaluate if an upgrade or migration to Sitefinity is the right move for your website. To get started, please contact our experts today!