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Six Colleagues Earn Kentico Marketer Certification

December 2018 proved to be a busy month for Kentico Certifications at BlueModus, as six of our colleagues became Kentico Marketer Certified by passing the Kentico 11 Certified Marketer Exam. Passing this test requires not only knowledge of Kentico’s features and functionality, but also the ability to demonstrate practical experience using the product. 

“I am incredibly proud of so many of our team members for passing this exam and solidifying their knowledge of the Kentico platform,” says Jesse Hormachea, BlueModus Director of Delivery. “As a Certified Kentico Marketer, each will be able to lead our clients to features and functionality that help them optimize their Kentico-powered websites.”

Congratulations to the following colleagues on this achievement:

The Kentico 11 Certified Marketer Exam is a secure, online exam that must be completed within 90 minutes, consisting of 50 questions. From a high-level perspective, topics of the test include web analytics, contact management, activity tracking, contact segmentation, content personalization, conversions, content optimization, email marketing, search engine optimization, PPC, campaigns, marketing automation, and content marketing.

“The time we’ve all spent studying for the Kentico Marketer exam has helped solidify our knowledge of the platform and how we can better advise and strategize for our clients,” shares Meredith, “Just yesterday, I was advising a client on how to utilize Kentico’s email marketing features to communicate with the members of their site, empowering them to connect with their membership on different levels on a daily basis. Having the knowledge to discuss this directly with clients enables me to better serve them without needing to involve other experts at BlueModus.”

BlueModus, as the current #1 Kentico Solution Partner in the world, maintains a priority of retaining a high number of Kentico-certified colleagues. At present, BlueModus claims 18 Kentico Certified Marketers, as well as 21 Kentico Certified Developers on staff. If you are Interested in finding out more about the Kentico’s Certified Marketer exam, click here to visit their site.