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Erin Stevens Adds Kentico Certification

Congratulations to our Director of Strategic Solutions, Erin Stevens, who earned her Kentico Xperience Marketer certification last month. The Xperience Certified Marketer exam helps individuals demonstrate their comprehensive understanding and in-depth expertise in defining and running practical marketing activities using Xperience’s digital marketing features. The exam shows that you can select, define, run, and maintain successful digital marketing projects. In addition to the Xperience’s features, the exam also covers a wide range of digital marketing in general, including – content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization. The exam itself is a 90-minute online secure test that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. 

We request that our Strategy Team be certified Kentico Xperience Marketers because we want our colleagues to be valuable consultants to our clients by understanding Xperience’s out-of-box features. This knowledge of the platform ensures they know how to use the platform as a content editor or marketer, just like our clients. 

“Erin’s deep understanding of Kentico and digital marketing best practices as a whole is so imperative in her work with our clients,” says BlueModus’ Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Becki Dilworth.  

Kentico Xperience is part of the Kentico Software product suite. It includes content management, digital marketing, and commerce tools in a single solution for creating engaging digital experiences across channels, on-premises, or in the cloud. Kentico Xperience is built for marketers with a large portion of the platform focused on delivering and optimizing real-time customer-centric marketing campaigns across multiple channels using personalization, marketing automation, contact management, lead scoring, email marketing, A/B, multivariant testing, and web analytics. BlueModus implements hundreds of websites, intranets, and webstores for clients utilizing Kentico Xperience each year. 

“It was a good experience to learn about Kentico’s extensive marketing toolset. With the knowledge gained while training for the Xperience certification, I aim to provide even more comprehensive solutions to our clients,” Erin shared. 

As the #1 ranked Kentico Solution Partner worldwide, BlueModus works hard to give our colleagues the time and support needed to become certified on all Kentico Software’s products and feels this provides tremendous value to our clients and their projects. With Erin’s addition, 56 BlueModus colleagues hold an Xperience Marketer Certification, and 42 colleagues hold an Xperience Developer Certification - more than any other Kentico Xperience Solution Partner. You can learn more about our commitment to Kentico certifications and client projects implemented on Kentico by visiting our website