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Brianne Wittenauer Earns Kentico Xperience Marketer Certification

We are pleased to announce that BlueModus’ Senior Project Manager, Brianne Wittenauer, has recently become a Kentico Xperience Certified Marketer. By mastering the Xperience Certified Marketer exam, individuals can demonstrate their comprehensive understanding and in-depth knowledge of defining and running practical marketing activities using Xperience’s digital marketing tools. This exam tests your ability to select, define, run, and maintain a successful digital marketing campaign. Besides Xperience’s features, the exam covers various digital marketing topics, including content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization. The exam is a 90-minute online test that includes 50 multiple-choice questions. 

“I’m proud to work for a company that invests so much into their employees, and I’m thrilled to have added the Kentico Xperience Marketer Certification to my skillset. This certification allows me to serve better and support my clients daily,” says Brianne. 

Part of the Kentico Software product suite, Kentico Xperience’s content management, digital marketing, and commerce tools are an integrated solution for creating engaging digital experiences across multiple channels, on-premises, or in the cloud. It is designed exclusively for marketers. The platform delivers and optimizes real-time customer-centric marketing campaigns across multiple channels through personalization, marketing automation, contact management, lead scoring, email marketing, A/B, multivariant testing, and web analytics. Each year, BlueModus builds hundreds of websites, intranets, and webstores for clients using Kentico Xperience. 

“Congrats to Bri for completing her certification for Kentico’s Marketing tools! By completing her certification, Bri adds one more aspect to her arsenal of ways to support our clients and projects,” says BlueModus’ Managing Director Meredith Perkins

As the #1 ranked Kentico Solution Partner worldwide, BlueModus works hard to give our team members the time and support to become certified on all Kentico Software products, which benefits our clients and their projects tremendously. As a result, BlueModus now has 80 certified Xperience Marketers and 51 certified Xperience Developers -- more than any other Kentico Solution Partner. Visit our website to learn more about our commitment to Kentico certifications and client projects implemented on Kentico