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Zach Starkebaum Promoted to Web Development Lead

Congratulations to Zach Starkebaum, who was recently promoted from Senior Web Developer to Web Development Lead. Since joining BlueModus in 2022, Zach has shined and is seen by his team as a talented, thoughtful technologist who always brings solutions and quality to his projects. Zach will continue delivering these technical solutions to clients in his new role and work with Solution Leads to write technical requirements for projects. Additionally, he will be more active in mentoring BlueModus’ newer web developers.

“From your first interaction with Zach, you can tell he is a smart, passionate technologist. This passion extends to his meticulous work on projects and his care for a client’s success. He is always ready to dive in, help, or teach members of his team or anyone at BlueModus,” says BlueModus’ Development Director, Nick Bushnell. “Congratulations on the promotion Zach. It is very well deserved.”