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Todd Reed Retains Kentico Certified Developer Status

Congratulations to Todd Reed, BlueModus Associate Solution Lead, who recently passed his Kentico Certified Developer Exam on Version 12, in order to renew his Certified Developer credentials for the CMS platform. Todd originally earned his Kentico Developer Certification in 2017.

"With Kentico making the transition to MVC for Kentico 12, acquiring this certification helps give me a good base of knowledge into the details on how Kentico choose to implement MVC. With this knowledge I'm looking forward to implementing many Kentico 12 sites to come,” says Todd.

The Kentico 12 Certified Developer Exam is a secure, online exam made up of 50 questions to be completed in under 90 minutes. On a high level, the test focuses on concepts in developing, designing, and maintaining Kentico websites, ASP.NET development, understanding SQL, and creating data-driven web user interfaces. To be successful, developers must not only demonstrate their knowledge of Kentico’s features and functionality, but also practical experience in using the product.

“Todd has deep expertise in Kentico and customers love working with him. Updating his certification reflects his commitment to providing customers reliable guidance.  With Todd, their projects are in safe hands,” shares Mike Wills, Director of Development at BlueModus.

As the #1 global Kentico Solution Partner, BlueModus currently claims 48 Kentico Certified Developers, and 40 Kentico Certified Marketers. With the majority of its colleagues certified on the platform, the organization prioritizes maintaining current Kentico knowledge.

To learn more about Todd’s experience, please check out his BlueModus profile. If you are interested in learning how to become a Kentico Certified Developer, click here to find out more.