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Jen Wolke Adds Kentico Marketer to Her Credentials

BlueModus is pleased to announce that Web Developer Lead Jen Wolke has recently become Kentico Marketer Certified by passing the Kentico 12 Certified Marketer Exam. To pass this test, Jen not only proved her knowledge of Kentico’s features and functionality, but also demonstrated her practical experience in using the product.

“Preparing for this exam was a great opportunity to become more familiar with many of the more advanced marketing features available in Kentico,” says Jen. “I am looking forward to leverage these tools in order to help BlueModus’s clients grow their business.”

The Kentico 12 Certified Marketer Exam is a secure, 50-question online exam that must be finished within 90 minutes. From a high-level perspective, topics of the test include web analytics, contact management, activity tracking, contact segmentation, content personalization, conversions, content optimization, email marketing, SEO, PPC, campaigns, marketing automation, and content marketing.

“Working with Kentico’s EMS suite can be challenging. It is very powerful and setting clients up to successfully utilize these modules takes a skilled hand,” says Nick Bushnell, BlueModus Director of Development. “Further, web site build projects are more successful when they have strong technical leaders on the team. In passing the exam Jen shows she can be the person to build solutions using these features and keep projects on track.”

As the #1 Kentico Solution Partner worldwide, BlueModus maintains a priority of retaining the most Kentico-certified colleagues in the industry. At present, BlueModus proudly claims 45 Kentico Certified Marketers, as well as 48 Kentico Certified Developers on its staff.

To learn more about Jen’s background, please check out her BlueModus profile. Or if you are interested in finding out more about Kentico’s Certified Marketer exam, click here.