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Garrett Shepherd Joins BlueModus Development Team

With great excitement, we welcome Garrett Shepherd as a new Senior Web Developer at BlueModus. He is based in Tennessee and has been grounded in .NET for his 5-year career, with a mix of finance, logistics, and e-commerce, working in both professional service and product-based environments. Garrett will implement and maintain our clients’ websites and CMS tools, including custom .NET development at BlueModus.

“The amount of information BlueModus sent me, and the openness was really great, and everyone in the series of interviews were all fun to talk to,” shares Garrett. “I also appreciate that the interviews didn’t have a stereotypical coding exercise -- I was able to choose the code I was excited to speak about, and I think that let the interviewers see more of the real me. I want to be here because I want to feel trusted and work with those who I can still learn a lot from.”

Most recently, Garrett has been running his own consultancy, Shepherd Technologies, LLC, where he helped support his client, Venus Fashion, Inc., with new feature development, defect fixes, and other technical solutions. Before his own consultancy, from 2019 to 2022, Garrett was a Web Developer and then a Senior Web Developer at Venus Fashion.

“Very excited for Garret to be joining the team! He is clearly passionate about writing great coding as well as learning and growing as a technologist. His communication and collaboration skills, combined with his technical expertise, will help BlueModus deliver the highest quality solutions for our clients,” says Dave Bromeland, BlueModus’ Development Director.