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Colin Leslie Joins BlueModus Technical Team as Solution Lead

BlueModus is pleased to welcome Cleveland, Ohio-based Colin Leslie to our Technical Team as a Solution Lead. Colin has worked in the software development industry for nearly ten years in various fields, including business software, manufacturing, and health and wellness, focusing on the Microsoft stack. Colin has developed a passion for good software design throughout his career and has learned the importance of communication and a close-knit team. A musician at heart, Colin loves playing instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, and a smattering of other things with strings. In addition, he likes working on and ogling at cars, hiking and discovering new places, and fostering dogs with several local rescues. 

“What first struck me when I talked to members of the BlueModus team was an emphasis on community and teamwork. I felt an immediate sense of camaraderie during all of my conversations, and it felt like everyone couldn’t say enough good things about the culture,” shares Colin. “The number of dogs that appear in the company culture video didn’t hurt, either.”  

Since 2017, Colin has held several roles at Bravo Wellness, a health company that designs and administers configurable corporate wellness programs for employers, insurance brokers, and health insurance carriers nationwide. Colin started at Bravo as a Senior Software Developer and was promoted to Principal Software Engineer and finally Software Engineering Team Lead. At Bravo, Colin was focused on developing new applications and enhancements to existing internal and external applications to keep up with industry trends, follow coding best practices, correct outstanding bugs, and increase efficiency and stability. Before Bravo, Colin held development roles at System Seals, Dayon Superior Corporation, Cincom Systems, and Diebold, Inc.  

“Colin will be a fantastic addition to the team. He has extensive team lead and web development experience. I am excited to see what we can learn from each other and pass that along to our clients,” says Nick Bushnell, BlueModus Director of Development.