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Celebrating Three Milestone Anniversaries

This September, several colleagues at BlueModus achieved notable milestone work anniversaries: Dylan Thomas and Kate Kunert both celebrated 5 years with the company, and Nick Bushnell celebrated an impressive 15 years of working at BlueModus. Such anniversaries seem particularly notable in a world where employees move between companies more than ever.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the median time employees have been with their current employer is 4.2 years. For tech companies this number is usually lower, hovering closer to 2 years or less. This is why we are particularly proud to have a much higher average tenure at BlueModus, and our philosophy is to hire for long-term career development rather than just to fill open positions. Simply put, we want colleagues who are looking for a home, not a job – and that shows.

The first colleague ever hired by BlueModus, Nick Bushnell, is still with us in our Denver office and celebrated his 15th work anniversary on September 3, 2018. What I appreciate about Nick is that as BlueModus has evolved, so has he. Nick started in 2003 with BlueModus as a Senior Software Engineer, then was promoted to Solution Lead, Solution Architect, and currently is our Director of Development, leading two of our four development squads. Nick has grown from an individual contributor to someone now leading a team and helping grow BlueModus. Nick is truly a model of the ideal BlueModus colleague – hardworking, dedicated, thoughtful, caring, a team-player with a good attitude, all while focused on providing high value, quality, and continued improvement of our processes. As a thank you and in appreciation of his 15 years, BlueModus presented Nick and his entire family with a trip to Yellowstone National Park. As Nick is the ultimate family man, time with his family felt like the perfect reward. Happy Anniversary, Nick! I can’t wait to see where you help lead BlueModus your next 15 years.

Dylan Thomas, our Director of Strategic Solutions based in Nashville, celebrated his fifth year with BlueModus on September 16, 2018. Dylan started in BlueModus in 2013 as Senior Digital Producer and was most recently promoted in 2017 to his current role, where he builds relationships with our clients and works hard to understand each customer’s business. He uses this knowledge to collaborate with our project teams to build client roadmaps and craft new solutions focused on achieving client success. Dylan has been a huge contributor not only to our clients’ success, but also for BlueModus’ success and growth over the years. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, BlueModus presented Dylan and his college buddy with a trip to Boulder to see their college alma mater, the UCLA Bruins take on the Colorado Buffs in a football game. Happy Anniversary, Dylan! Thank you for all you do to make BlueModus great.

Finally, on September 23, 2018, Kate Kunert celebrated her fifth work anniversary with BlueModus. Kate began her career with BlueModus as Senior Project Manager in 2013, leading some of our most challenging and complex projects. Her strong organization, management and client focus eventually led to her promotion to Director of Project Management where she has guided our entire Project Management Team. Since 2017, Kate has focused on standardizing PM best practices and processes across her team. Best of all, Kate leads from the front, always demonstrating what is needed to be successful in managing a project at BlueModus. In recent weeks, Kate has decided to move her focus even more to the client and has accepted a role as Director of Strategic Solutions, where similar to Dylan, she will be focused on building client relationships and working to craft solutions for their marketing and technology initiatives. As a thank you for her hard work and to celebrate her anniversary, BlueModus presented Kate with a one-year paid gym membership. Ever focused on her health and fitness, we felt it was a special treat to Kate to know BlueModus was a true supporter of her passion. Happy Anniversary, Kate! We appreciate your hard work, commitment and dedication.

All of the team at BlueModus is special and each employee gives so much to ensure the success of our clients and our company. It’s wonderful that we are able to recognize special milestone anniversaries like these and to make sure colleagues like Nick, Dylan, and Kate know just how much we value them and their many contributions.

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