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BlueModus’ Unique Perspective: Service as Culture

Innovative. Agile. Empowering. Inclusive. Integrity.

Across so many businesses, when you look at their values and the words they use to describe their culture, terms like these are pretty consistent.

These types of words are most frequently featured on companies’ careers sites – focusing on culture for current and prospective employees. After a recent blog post from our President on the importance of understanding culture in the sales process, I reflected a bit on how I would describe the culture here at BlueModus.

The words we use are not unlike those I listed above: Humility, Transparency, Hand-Raisers, Helpers. But for me, it can all be summed up in a single word: Service.

From a purely tactical perspective – that makes sense. We ARE a Service Agency. We provide services – web development, design, strategy – to help drive the digital strategy for our customers. But when we think about culture, we tend to focus on the culture for our current and prospective colleagues and not so much about our customers.

So does Service work there? Does it apply both to the culture we aim to embody among our colleagues and the culture we aim to project to our customers? My experience at BlueModus thus far says yes.

Humility. When I started at BlueModus I was beyond humbled at the talent and experience of this team. Across every single department I’m surrounded with people with years of experience in digital. But, regardless, they remain consistently humble to one another and to our customers. They focus on understanding, they don’t pretend to know everything and they stay open to new ideas and approaches. The sense of being a servant leader permeates from top to bottom, and you can see that across the board we all check our egos at the door. This, to me, is fundamental to quality service. It’s about staying in check and having empathy.

Hand-Raiser. When I first joined and I saw this as a primary tenant of the culture, I didn’t fully grasp what it meant. Yes, this team raises their hands to help. BUT, equally important, they raise their hands to be heard. They don’t stay quiet. If something is wrong or is bugging them, they will raise their hand and voice their concerns. This applies internally of course, but it equally applies with our customers. No one is ever difficult, but they are absolutely willing to put themselves out there and offer advice, experience or raise big red flags, acting in the best interest of our customers. It can be uncomfortable. Hand raising and the freedom to express thoughts and ideas is what makes the customer/partner relationship honest, trustworthy, and creative. But it’s just part of the essence here.

Helper. This, more than any, stands out internally and externally. I have yet to leave a call where someone isn’t saying “How can I help with that?”. Internally it’s everything from making sure technology is doing what it needs to providing hours-long sessions to help educate and inform. Externally, with customers, it’s about backing people up – literally filling all the gaps, volunteering to take on the tough tasks with our customers and helping them navigate all the ups and downs of the big and small projects we embark on. This is fundamental to building confidence in our teams, our technologies and services we provide to our customers. You can always count on someone and they can count on you. 

All of these go back to a consistent theme – Service. How do we ensure we are putting others first – our colleagues and our customers? How do we offer our unique set of skills to the team and our customers to help make things better for them? And ultimately, how do we as an organization stay vigilant and committed to service? It seems to me that driving this culture everywhere - internally and externally - is the answer. There is no doubt that these values have provided my colleagues and I a genuine experience that adds value to our customers and creates an atmosphere of success for those that embrace them and live them out. I’m proud to see how well BlueModus does just that.