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BlueModus Donates to the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound

We love celebrating our colleagues and giving back to our community, so several years ago, BlueModus decided to combine these two loves. Each month, our Management Team selects two colleagues who shine and represent the values that make BlueModus a great workplace. These two colleagues select a charity, and BlueModus donates on their behalf.

This month, one of those colleagues is Zach Starkebaum. He is new to the BlueModus team, joining us in March 2022 as a Senior Web Developer. Still, he immediately jumped into client projects and is doing a fantastic job bringing value.   

Recently, BlueModus made a $500 donation to the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound on behalf of Zach. The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound is a catalyst for charitable giving in the Thurston, Mason, and Lewis counties of Washington state. Since our founding in 1989, the community’s generosity has allowed them to make more than $19 million in grants and scholarships. These funds have been transformed into college degrees, meals, winter clothes, books, medicine, therapy, shelter, solar panels, forests, farmland, healthy rivers, music, art, and more—all for South Puget Sounds and the people who live there.

“Being part of a healthy and vibrant community is important to me, both at BlueModus and home. I’m excited to support The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound because they help fund and support these essential community-building efforts in my own city,” shares Zach. “I believe their goal of equity, supporting those who do not already have easy access to community services, as well as their strong financial transparency, make this organization a great selection.”

What is a community foundation? Community foundations are the fastest growing sector of philanthropy in the United States. There are about 700 community foundations across the country with more than $31 billion in combined assets. Community foundations are a popular choice for donors because we connect donor interests with specific community needs, helping donors make a more profound impact right in the places where they live.

If you want to learn more about the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and how you can support their cause, please visit the giving portion of their website.