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BlueModus Donates to the 100 Club

We love to celebrate our colleagues, and we love giving back to our community – so several years ago, BlueModus decided to combine these two loves. Each month, our Management Team selects two colleagues who shine and represent the values that make BlueModus a great place to work. These two colleagues select a charity, and BlueModus donates on their behalf.

This month, one of those colleagues is Joyce Moore. She is an incredibly talented technologist and, as a Solution Lead, is responsible for creating the technical vision and leading the implementation for client projects. Joyce gives 110% each day, is excellent with clients, and works incredibly hard to ensure her team is successful.

Recently, BlueModus made a $500 donation to the 100 Club on behalf of Joyce. This 32,000-member non-profit organization began in 1953, providing financial support to the dependents of law enforcement officers and firefighters killed or seriously injured in the line of duty in the 32 counties surrounding Houston, Texas. Additionally, they fund scholarships that allow officers to further their education in criminal justice, provide life-protecting equipment such as bulletproof vests, radio equipment, and armored personnel carriers, and provide funding to replace all service animals who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty for law enforcement and fire departments

“This charity is important to me because my husband and all his brothers were police officers. As the spouse of a police officer, you worry about their safety, how the job affects your children, and what we would do if the unspeakable happens,” shares Joyce. “If a police officer was killed in the line of duty, this charity steps up to help out these families. They also provide equipment to officers that protect them in the field to make sure they can make it back home to their families.”

If you would like to learn more about the 100 Club and how you can support their cause, please visit the give portion of their website.