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BlueModus Donates to Navarre Ferret Rescue

The BlueModus team loves to celebrate one another, and we love donating to the community - so several years ago, we decided to combine these two passions. Every month, management chooses two colleagues who embody the values that make BlueModus a great place to work. The company then donates to the charity that its colleagues choose. 

This month, one of those colleagues is Matthew Ricker. He recently joined BlueModus as a Solution Lead, and his impact on our company and especially our clients was felt almost immediately. He is gifted at taking a client’s business needs and quickly translating them into a technical solution. We are excited to have him a part of our team.  

Navarre Ferret Rescue recently received a $500 donation from BlueModus on behalf of our colleague, Matthew Ricker. Navarre Ferret Rescue is a non-profit based in Navarre, Florida, and is a home-based rescue. They opened their doors after discovering the local County shelters did not accept ferrets. Ferret owners needing to rehome a ferret were left with few alternatives.  Navarre Ferret Rescue focuses on offering a safe place to surrender a ferret and find it a permanent home.  They also work to promote proper husbandry of ferrets and provide advice on how to deal with challenging behaviors of ferrets so that owners can find a way to train the ferret and keep them. When fosters are available, they also rescue dogs, bunnies, and other small animals. 

“Having lost one of my rescue ferrets, Gadget, due to cancer recently, the work Navarre Ferret Rescue really speaks to me. They provide top-notch care to animals who are very ill or would otherwise go unloved. I wish I could save all of the ferrets myself, so I appreciate Navarre opening their home and hearts to all of the little ferret buddies in need,” shared Matthew.  

If you would like to learn more about the Navarre Ferret Rescue and how you can support their great work, please visit the donations and sponsorships portion of their website.