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BlueModus Donates to Lupus Research Alliance

The BlueModus team loves to celebrate one another, and we love donating to the community - so several years ago, we decided to combine these two passions. Every month, management chooses two colleagues who embody the values that make BlueModus a great place to work. The company then donates to the charity that its colleagues choose. 

This month, one of those colleagues is Craig Turnbull. He is a Senior Solution Specialist and is dedicated to finding new clients for BlueModus. Craig is fearless and approaches every call or email as a new opportunity to promote BlueModus. He is gifted at taking a client’s business challenges and quickly determining if BlueModus can help.   

Lupus Research Alliance recently received a $500 donation from BlueModus on behalf of our colleague, Craig Turnbull. Lupus Research Alliance is a non-profit focused on uniting the global lupus community to free the world of lupus through the power of science. The Lupus Research Alliance is proud to have helped support some of the early research on the first new medicine approved specifically for lupus — and many promising drugs in development. Today, their advancements usher in a new area — one of precision medicine — meaning the cure for lupus is now personalized to individuals.  

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects millions worldwide in millions of different ways. Lupus causes someone’s immune system to attack its own healthy cells by mistake. It’s also chronic, meaning it lasts a long time and requires long-term treatment. Lupus is one of the most complex autoimmune diseases there is. It affects each person differently, with symptoms sometimes hard to detect and differ from patient to patient. This makes the disease hard to diagnose and to arrive at effective treatments very challenging. It’s even been called “the disease with 1,000 faces.”  

“My mom had lupus, and I want to raise awareness and help bring a cure to lupus. It is considered ‘an invisible disease,’ but it is not invisible. It is estimated that a minimum of 1.5 million Americans has a form of lupus.  My mom had to take on many bills, and during flare-ups, the go-to was always nasty steroids. But, I know that with the right resources, the right research, and the best fundraising, we can find a better way to treat this horrible disease,” shared Craig.  

If you would like to learn more about the Lupus Research Alliance and how you can support their great work, please visit the give portion of their website.