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BlueModus Colleagues Earn Kentico Kontent Business Qualification

Recently, thirteen of our BlueModus colleagues have each passed Kentico Kontent’s Business Qualification exam, which has earned them the Kentico Kontent Business Qualification. Passing this Qualification helps our team members in identifying potential opportunities within Kentico’s flexible Content-as-a-Service solution, and reinforces product knowledge of key product features.

“Kentico Kontent provides a simple path forward for structuring content and pushing it to multiple channels,” shares Solution Lead David Stevens. “My knowledge of the different Kontent integrations and service features is vital to recommend the right solution for our clients. I particularly liked being able to set up a Kontent Starter instance with live data for demos and evaluation.”

“Learning more about Kentico Kontent has allowed me to better serve our customers by giving me a firmer knowledge base from which to recommend the best solutions to our clients’ needs,” adds Senior Project Manager Mike Lamoureux.

In addition to David and Mike, colleagues who earned this certification include Senior QA Engineer Steve Pavilanis, Senior Project Manager Tiffany Silvera, Senior Project Manager Stayce Zamora, Director of Strategic Solutions Brandon Hess, Senior Project Manager Sarah Lim, QA Lead Matt Emge, Project Management Lead Katie Tabler, Senior Web Developer Josh Gray, Solution Lead Ryan Sappenfield, and Senior QA Engineer Tyler Kreigler.

To be successful taking the Kentico Kontent Business Qualification exam our colleagues had to understand Kentico Kontent’s capabilities and best-fit scenarios, including collaboration, integrations, content publishing, technology, subscription management, terminology, pricing, and general product knowledge. The online test, consisting of 20 multiple choice questions, must be completed in 30 minutes.

As the top global Kentico Solution Partner in the world, BlueModus works to ensure its colleagues remain highly knowledgeable about the platform through earning certification on all of Kentico’s products. In addition to the team members who have earned this Qualification, BlueModus is home to 48 Kentico Certified Developers, 40 Kentico Certified Marketers, and 12 Kentico Kontent Certified Developers.  To learn more about our team, please visit our Who We Are page on the BlueModus website.

Interested in earning the Kentico Kontent Business Qualification? Find out more about the requirements here.